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I’ve been having a bit of an issue with writing, which has resulted in several of my upcoming releases being pushed back because I’m too afraid to write a single word.

I’m fine with plotting the story, fleshing out character and story arc, as well as writing a rough sketch of what happens in each chapter, but when it comes to actually writing the draft… Zero, Zip, Zilch Nada. Not a single word comes out.

Many writers online suggested sticking to a consistent routine, and well… I’m not sure I could do that, especially while working full-time and studying part-time. But I’d like to try it anyway.

Realistically I really do not think I could manage to write and publish it here for 30 days straight. The accountability would be nice, but the pressure to write something very good would cripple me.

I’d like to try writing 30 writing prompts but definitely not for 30 day’s straight. I’m sure I could manage 2 prompts per week.

That’s enough time to write something semi-decent, fuss over it, edit it and then publish it here.

I saw this on OTP Imagines Cult on Tumblr, it’s a 30 day OTP challenge that I’d like to tweak to help me overcome my fear.

Gosh, I haven’t even started the challenge yet and I’m already wondering if it’d be lesbian romance or gay romance, as well as how the cover image for this would look.

While I worry my ass off about what orientation this challenge would be, here are the prompts for the challenge based by OTP Imagines Cult.

Day One, Meeting: The first time your OTP met. Introduced through a mutual friend? An accident?

Day Two, Realization: The first time a member of your OTP (or both members!) realized they had feelings for the other. 

Day Three, The Reveal: When your OTP confessed their feelings. Or were their feelings originally a secret until someone else intervened?

Day Four, First Date: Your OTP’s first date. Where’d they go? Did the date go well or go horribly?

Day Five, Reminder: What trinkets or items does each member of your OTP keep with them to remind them of their significant other? A gift? A photograph? Something else?

Day Six, New to the Family: Each member of your OTP meeting the other’s family for the first time. Does each family approve of the one dating the other? What sorts of shenanigans do they get into?

Day Seven, Laughter: Your OTP making each other laugh. Jokes? Stories? Tickle fights?

Day Eight, First Kiss: Exactly what it sounds like— make a piece inspired by/about your OTP’s first kiss.

Day Nine, Thirdwheeling: Your OTP plus a third wheel. Is it awkwardly quiet, or chaotically crazy?

Day Ten, Flustered: Your OTP being flustered. It could be one member, it could be both.

Day Eleven, Rest: Your OTP resting and/or sleeping together. They could be sleeping anywhere from at home in bed to out on a park bench.

Day Twelve, Shopping: Your OTP shopping together. What are they shopping for? Are they just running errands, or are they buying gifts for each other?

Day Thirteen, Our Song: Your OTP and music. Do they have a song? Do they sing? Do they dance?

Day Fourteen, Stargazing: Your OTP stargazing. Where are they doing this? Are they out camping? Are they sitting on a rooftop? What constellations are they looking at?

Day Fifteen, Rainy Day: Your OTP on a rainy day. How do they spend the time? Cuddling up with a movie? Playing video games? Watching the rain?

Day Sixteen, Super Powers: An AU in which your OTP has super powers. Are they a hero/sidekick duo? Are they archenemies? Are they both villains?

Day Seventeen, Double Date: Your OTP going on a double date with two of their friends. Are they out to dinner? A movie? What’s the other couple like? Do they get along well with your OTP?

Day Eighteen, Holding Hands: Your OTP holding hands. Why are they holding hands? Is it just because, or is one of them in danger somehow?

Day Nineteen, Spellbound: An AU in which your OTP has magical abilities. Are they witches/wizards? How do they use their powers?

Day Twenty, Surprise Gift: One member of your OTP preparing a surprise gift for the other. How do they react? Do they almost find out about the surprise too early?

Day Twenty-One, Dispute: Even people who love each other sometimes don’t see eye-to-eye. Your OTP having an argument. How did it start? How does it get resolved?

Day Twenty-Two, Angst: Your OTP in an angsty situation. Does someone get hurt? Is it bad?

Day Twenty-Three, Rescue: One member of your OTP gets into trouble and the other rescues them! Could be from anything as small as a spider in the bathtub to as big as a kidnapper holding them for ransom!

Day Twenty-Four, Tragedy: Your OTP handling a tragedy. Did they lose a loved one? Was something stolen? How do they handle this? How do they help the other stay strong?

Day Twenty-Five, Support: Your OTP supporting each other through tough times. What are these tough times? How do they comfort each other? Is one more prone to being upset than the other?

Day Twenty-Six, Finishing Each Other’s Sentences: Exactly what it sounds like. This could include your OTP doing other couple clichés, too. Bonus if they’re unaware of how cliché they’re being.

Day Twenty-Seven, Memories: Your OTP reminiscing about how far they’ve come. They could be looking through photo albums or just cuddling and talking.

Day Twenty-Eight, The Power of Two: Your OTP accomplishing a goal that neither of them would’ve been capable of doing alone. The name of this prompt can be change if you’re using an OT3 or more for this challenge.

Day Twenty-Nine, “I love you”s: Your OTP saying they love each other for the first time. When was this? What context was it in? What did it feel like for them?

Day Thirty, Different Ways of Saying “I love you”: What sorts of things does your OTP say and do for each other to show that they love each other? How do they indirectly show their love?

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