My week has been great, a bit hectic as I might have RSI on my entire right arm, but hopefully some rest would help with that. Ooh, guess what! I’m now a book reviewer for Gay Book Reviews also!

I hope you enjoyed Laila Ibrahim’s weeklong Author Highlight. Starting Monday I’ll be hosting another Author Highlight but this time for Wesley Rivers –Author of Letters to Laura.

I’ll admit running long campaigns is a lot tougher than I imagined but I like to think I’m doing well so far, so I’ve decided to add another feature to my blog- Author Interviews.

I’ll be posting Author interviews every Saturday, starting next Saturday. I’d love to start today but my arm is acting up and Googling ‘cure for RSI’ brings up some very scary information- I’d rather not lose my arm.

Authors interested in the interview feature should please send the following:

Author Bio: It would be nice for readers to now a bit about who is behind those amazing books.

Links to Online Presence: This includes Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Amazon Author Page(Not necessary as the same thing would probably be on your Goodreads Author Profile), Blog etc. PS: If you have a mailing lost you can also include a link to it as well as whatever incentive you offer to new subscribers.

Draft Q&A: I might not cover everything about your latest book in my questions so it’ll be best for you to send your own Q&A, that way you can include everything you’d like to make known. I recommend that you include a few things about your other books too.

The Draft Q&A will also help me come up with some questions in case I haven’t read your book. I’m not a fan of generic questions and I’d rather know a bit about you rather than asking you something like this:

  • What is your name? 
  • What genre do you write?
  • Is this your debut Novel? 

They sound too impersonal.

Images: This isn’t necessary but an image of you (Doesn’t need to be professional, it can also just be your logo/brand image), as well as the book cover of your latest book. I can download your book cover from Goodreads but sending it would be easier.

Free Book/ Sample (Optional): If you have a free book or a sample chapter of a new/past book please feel free to include it. Links to the location of the free book is also allowed.

Here’s the Author Interview lineup so far:

NB: Lineup is arranged based on a first come first serve basis. Interested Authors can send me a message with the above details to book a slot and claim their date.

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