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Chapter One Book Cover Chapter One
The Life We Built
A.O. Chika

“So, you two finally got your shit together?” Lily asked, sitting on Chris’s bed with a cup of coffee in her hand, she blew at it before taking a sip and letting out a satisfied hum. Opposite her Chris hesitated for a moment, the surprise on his face changing into tired resignation. The only thing he had on was the towel around his waist and the droplets of water on his bare torso.

“You broke into my house, stole my coffee to ask me that?”

“You gave me a spare remember?” Lily replied, before raising her eyebrow at his state of undress seemingly just taking note of it. “Not that I mind, but sexual assault isn’t on my schedule today, how about tomorrow?” she asked, her eyes scanning every inch of Chris with a smirk on her face while wiggling her eyebrows. Chris rolled his eyes.

“I’m not sure how often I can keep repeating this but Avery and I are fine.”

“Yes, yes I get it, you two are besties who occasionally screw the life out of each other, and you are such good friends that you left your family’s firm to help him run his bakery.”

“Our Bakery.”

“Point noted. Would you do the same for me? I’ve known you my whole life and I can bet you wouldn't do that for me. Would you? Never mind don’t answer that.”

“Lily...” Chris said, running his hand through his damp hair, his voice held resignation from having the same conversation every other day. No matter how much he tried to explain it to her, she never seemed to get it. He wasn't an idiot neither was Avery, there was something going on between them but neither he nor Avery were ready to address it, at least not yet. “I’d rather have him as a friend than lose him. It’s complicated Lil,” He said, before sitting down next to her.

The bed dipped from their weight and Lily patted his head in understanding. She’d bring it up again, but not today. She opened her mouth to say something when his phone rang; they both knew whom the ringtone was assigned to. Lily turned to him and jabbed him playfully.

“Shut up.”

“I didn't say anything.” She shot back with a grin on her face, Chris gave her a light shove, mindful of the coffee in her hands before getting up to answer the call. She made a go away gesture with one hand, the other still clutching her cup and Chris walked out of the room, to get some privacy.

The teasing look on her face faded to concern as he left the room, she didn’t need to see or hear him to know he was smiling as he spoke to Avery.

She was going to get them together even if it was the last thing she did. They were her friends and they deserved to be happy, she was tired of watching them pine after each other. Hopefully, after she was done, she could convince them into giving her a week off.

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