Wrote this story Thanks to a prompt on the YA LGBT Goodreads group. We were given a picture and told to write a story. This was mine:

writters challengeI hate sleeping, I really do. I hate it even more because I know what is wrong with me, but Wikipedia and other online sites never get it right, they never really get that at six years old the last thing anyone wants is to be in bed, not sure if you are awake or if it’s all a dream. I could feel a weight on me pinning me to my bed and I was unable to breathe, my lungs burned and I couldn’t move even though I was trying my hardest to, then panic set in and my heart’s racing too fast for me understand what is going on. I try to scream, but I can’t hear anything, I don’t even know if I’m screaming, if my mouth is even opened or if the whole screaming thing is in my head. 

I could make out a dark shadow next to me moving closer and closer and yet I didn’t even get the comfort of being able to close my eyes. Before everything went black, I wondered if anyone would believe me if I said there was a monster in my room trying to kill me. 

Wikipedia says it’s sleep paralysis, others sites says its Demons and Nephilim’s looking for vulnerable humans to possess.

Fast forward to a decade later with similar occurrence happening at least a couple times a month and if I’m lucky nothing happens for a month or two. Maybe that’s why I’m woefully unprepared on the eve of my sixteenth birthday, well past midnight but still wide awake as I’m too excited to sleep and I know my friends have something planned.

“Come home, we’re waiting for you.”
I whip my head to the sound of the strange voice, In my bed next to me is a black shadowy thing shaped like a person, I immediately panic and try to run out of my bed, I can already feel myself running out of the bed, I can see my hand inches away from the light switch, yet for some reason I find myself back in my bed with that thing next to me. I’m confused and afraid because I know I left the bed, I know I ran away yet here I am, with a heavy weight on me, completely paralyzed, my lungs burning in my chest when I register the fact that I’m not breathing. The weight goes away after a while and I don’t even get the chance to feel relieved as I hear sounds around me, but they seem kinda far away. I get the distinct feeling of drowning and my fears increase, I’ve always being unable to swim as I’m afraid of water. 
I wonder if I’m going to die, but then I remember all the plans Alison, Jeff and the rest put into my birthday surprise and there is no way in hell I’m gonna die before I get a kiss from either Alison or Jeff. I fight against the heavy mass surrounding me, screaming ‘No, No, No’ and listing things I still want to do before I die. Everything ends as quickly as it came and I’m alone in my room, covered in sweat. I can’t help the laugh at spills from my lips, no one really would believe me if I told them that there’s something in my room trying to kill me will they?

I wait for similar events the next day and a day turn to weeks then months and it’s been a really long time since I had Sleep Paralysis. My relief lasts till the eve of my seventeenth birthday and I’m undeniably scared so I run to Jeff’s place for an impromptu sleepover, to my relief he doesn’t mind nor questions it, besides his bed is big enough for both of us. We play video games all night and I can’t remember when I fall asleep.

Then it happens, there a weight on me and this time it’s different because this time it’s some sort of animal if the fur and the four bony legs crouching on top of me are anything to go by, this time I have the pleasure of having my eyes already closed, and I try to regulate my non-existing breathing, giving up on that immediately. My head supplies me with the word ‘Dog’ and I try really hard not to panic as I’m deathly scared of dogs, in an effort to regain my sanity I begin wiggling my toes, Online sites and studies said that would help… they lied.

I keep my eyes closed and pray the torment ends, perhaps my prayers were answered as the weight is suddenly gone, and I can breathe again, I slowly open one eye, then the other. I look around as for some reason I’m no longer in Jeff’s room but back in my bedroom, the door is opened slightly and there’s a bright light on the other side, walking slowly towards the door is a black goat I feel like it’s gesturing for me to come along with it, and I can feel my body leaving the bed. My brain finally decides to work and I stop right in front of the door, and try to fight whatever has a hold of me then everything goes black and I wake up in a bright room lit by an electrical bulb with Jeff’s face close to mine marred by fear and concern, I really can’t help but laugh, I try to sit up but I’m shaking too much for my limbs to work, I turn to him and cling to whatever part of his body I can reach ignoring his “Dude, are you alright?” I doubt he would believe me if I told him something is trying to kill me.

On the eve of my eighteenth birthday I’m prepared, there’s a cold cup next to me that previously contained black coffee with no sugar, and I can still feel the bitterness on my tongue. I’ve made up my mind to confront whatever it is that has been out for my blood, I want some answers and I’m tired of everything; the stress from my parents’ divorce didn’t help, and neither does rejection from all the colleges I applied to, despite my more than impressive grades.

This time it’s different, I’m not in my room and it’s not dark, I’m outside in a field with some sort of fence behind me, the sky is orangish-grayish and I can make out some round thing in it, maybe it’s the sun or maybe it’s the moon. There’s a creepy looking mansion ahead of me, with its window panes opening and closing one after the other, all the trees around are dried up and look like twigs, the grasses are brown and dying, yet they all seem to be moving even though I can’t feel any breeze.
I know I should be scared, but I guess years of torment takes away my ability to be afraid of anywhere other than my bedroom, or maybe it’s the fact that for once there is no weight against me, no suffocation or the feeling of drowning, my chest doesn’t hurt so maybe I’m breathing fine… For some reason I can’t tell, I wonder if this is how vampires feel like… I blame the last thought on Twilight.

Perhaps I spoke too soon because now my body is moving on its own yet there is no pressure around me, I feel like I’m walking on the air but then I look down and I see the brown sand and dead grasses beneath me, with my legs walking on them, the house is getting closer and the fact that there are no cobweb or anything distinctly scary about the place creeps me out and I scream, well at least I try to, I know my mouth is opened but all I can hear is murmurs around me and laughers that chill me to the bone, and from the empty space around me forms shadowy figures without shape, the fact that I’m not breathing hits me again and I’m in full panic mode, I can hear the pounding in my chest, I can feel my limbs trembling beneath me, I can taste my desperation when it suddenly feels chilly. I can feel the tears running down my face when all of a sudden there is something warm against me, someone’s breathing near my ear and the last thing I hear before everything goes black is someone whispering 
“Welcome Home”

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