Dark Poetry

Dark Poetry is a collection of dark psychological and emotional poems.
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I’ve never cut myself
But I’ll understand if you do
I can’t blame you
It must feel so good

I can picture it
I’ll use a knife not a blade
A blade can easily slip
And things can turn bad fast

…From Self Harm

I’m a coward I’ve always been
And it’s all in my head
In reality I’m in bed crying
I don’t know why you left me even though I do

Lie Smile Scream Beg
You’ll come running back to me
I know you won’t
But I will pretend anyway it’s all I have left

…From Heartbreak

Hit me then I’ll hit you back
The bruises on my face is yours
The scratches on your neck are mine
The knife on the floor is yours
But the red on it is mine.

…From Our Love

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