Our Scars is the second poem in the From My Heart Poetry Collection.

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Our Scars Book Cover Our Scars
From My Heart
A.O. Chika

The scars on my back aren’t pretty
Unlike the one on your face
I don’t wear them with pride like you do
They make me look ugly and weak
The very things I don’t want you to think of me
You come closer and I back away

I’ve fantasized about your touch, your kiss…
But I’m broken and damaged
And you couldn’t possibly want me
You could have anyone and you know it
Sometimes I feel like you pity me
But then you smile and pull me close

My head leaning on your hard chest
The sound of your beating heart gives away your nervousness
It’s nice to know I’m not the only bumbling fool
I’m man enough to admit my weaknesses
You wrap your arms around my waist
And for once I’m not mad that I’m the shorter one

I close my eyes and inhale the scent that is you
You’re wearing the perfume I got you on our three months anniversary
You never did like the smell
Too pretentious you said
The woody smell reminds me of you
Even though neither of us is a fan of the outdoors

You smile, cocky and breathtakingly handsome
I wish I could punch you in the face
Because you know, your smile drives me crazy
We kiss and I swear there’s lightening
That’s all it takes to forget about my insecurities
All I can’t think about is how much I need you

I can feel your need pressing against me
We stop to catch our breath
I know I look ravished if the grin on your face is any indication
You take your shirt off and there are more scars
Not as ugly as mine but I get the point
My fingers reach for my shirt too

My eyes close on their own accord
There’s a lump in my throat
My fingers pause and cramp as they touch the buttons
I open my eyes when I feel your hand on my cheek
You smile and that’s all the courage I need
My shirt joins yours on the floor

Brown eyes sweep up and down my bare torso
Nervousness and fear dance in my gut
Your body is rigid and your eyes hard
But I’m glad there’s no pity in there
“You’re beautiful,” you say
I prefer handsome but that works too

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