Purple Bruises is the first poem in the From My Heart Poetry Collection.

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From My Heart Book Cover From My Heart
A.O. Chika

CHAPTER ONE: Purple Bruises

We are a match made in hell
There is sugar and spice but nothing nice
I pull your hair and kiss your fist
You bite my neck and break your nose.

I’m vain, incredibly so, but then again so are you
I love your naked body so much I could devour you with my eyes
Your skin is silky to touch, your eyes shine like stars
Stars die too you know.

We’re both in lust or is it love? Who knows?
We’re both waiting to see who gives up first
The coin flips and I’m on my back
With your hands wrapped around my neck.

Remember our first date? We both wore the same dress
Your smile promised bloody murder, so did mine
You cursed and I cursed back, with that our fates were sealed
You drain my blood and pump my heart with a kiss.

Purple bruises on our necks, black on our eyes
Aren’t you tired of this dance baby? Why don’t you give up?
The black and red on you is mine
So is the wince when you walk.

I’m afraid of blindfolds because of you
Darkness scares me so much I forget to breathe
I gasp for breath and all I see is a smile on your face
The drugs help me watch you while you sleep at night.

I get jealous just as easily as you get insecure
Leaving bodies in our wake
You’re mine and I’m yours, why look at someone else
Just say I win and I’ll try to let you go.

You’re so beautiful when angry you make my heart race in fear
The glint of the knife as you narrowly miss my arm knows this too
I’m just as terrifying as you when I want to
It’s love, besides no one else would want all of us anyway.

Purple bruises as we kiss, your hands on my hips as you grind against me
I moan in your mouth and beg for more
The aftermath is always sweet, and then we wake up when the bliss is gone
And the madness starts all over again.

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