Apathy is the third poem in the From My Heart Poetry Collection.

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Apathy Book Cover Apathy
From My Heart
A.O. Chika

Close your eyes, count to ten
Taste the air, scream out loud
There are voices in my head
And a parade in my chest.

I’ll smile through it, I’m a star
The world is a stage
But the spotlight isn’t on me
I’m not shallow enough for them

People want heroes and strong men
Those that are tough and vulnerable yet impenetrable
They want people who are human
The voices in my head are laughing at me

I met a boy and I loved him so
He broke my heart and I broke his face
The blank stare on my face still haunts me
But not as much as the lack of surprise on his face

There are monsters in my head
They used to keep me company, but now I just want solitude
There are demons in my chest
I begged them to take away the hurt, but now I wish I could feel

I always thought teenagers were childish when they wished to be normal
They understand what’s like to have an itch you can’t feel but know it’s there
Maybe they don’t, but they know a lot about wearing masks and faking it
They know what’s like to carve a smile on your face while dying inside

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