Okay, so today i read a poem online about death and depression and decided to try my hand at it. Sadly I’m not sure its structured like a poem. Anyway here’s my attempt. As always it’s pretty dark


Her lips are on my neck, sharp teeth against my vein.

Lipstick stains cover my chest but none on my lips… There never is

She backs away with a smile looking impressed with her work

She looks amazing in black but even better in red.

I let her bathe in it. She can have as much as she wants


My blood clings to her like a skin tight lingerie

Beautiful and magnificent, nothing could compare to her

She’s not what people imagine her to be she has no horn or tail

There’s no cruel laughter just a smile that leaves me breathless

She knocks the air out of my lungs and leaves me gasping


It’s lust, and greed and something really close to defeat

It’s not love, but it’s good enough; she’s there for me after every screw-up

I don’t need alcohol when the rope is good enough

I keep knocking on her door and she keeps letting me in

We both know I won’t stay long but we pretend anyway


She’s not a drug, but she’s addictive

The cuts and purple bruises can attest to that

The choker on my neck hiding our affair is proof

The tear stains on my pillow witnessed everything

There’s no regret, just things I wished I could change


I’m not sure where I am but I think I’m floating

Ah yes, I’m in my bathtub and the red reminds me of her

It’s not home but it’s familiar, I’ve been here too many times

It doesn’t hurt, it never has. I can smell her cologne

I can feel the ghost of her lips on my ears


My vision is blurry but I can see the flicker of a smile on her lips

And that’s enough for me. I’m ready this time

She makes my heart beat so slow I wonder if it’s still functioning

But I guess today is not the day we’ll be together

My door slams open and someone barges in on us.


She’s backing away from me, frustration clear on her face

Someone is trying to take my attention from her

And I think it’s working because all I can focus on is the noise around me

I reach out for her; I think I do, I’m not sure, but I hope I do

But she’s gone, and everything goes dark


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