The Life We Built Book Cover The Life We Built
A.O. Chika
M/M Romance


I’m a big M/M Romance fan, just check my book blog or Goodreads account for proof of my love for some smexy M/M action! I’ve always wanted to write an M/M romance and I did... but I’m not very confident in it so I decided to let it rest for a while.

I figured the only way to get over it is to do more writing! Hence my two weekly series; The Life We Built –M/M Romance and From My Heart –LGBT poems.

The Life We Built is a collection of short storied around 500-1k words per chapter centered on Christopher Rossi and Avery Richmond relationship. Chapters may or may not be closely related to the chapter after it.

Comments, requests, and prompts will be greatly appreciated; all chapters written on a request or prompt will have the name and link to online profile to who made the request (optional).

My tastes in poetry might be dark but I don’t plan on letting that darkness show here. I’ve decided to let out all my inner angst through poetry, so you’re safe... For now, lol just kidding. If you like dark poems then try reading From My Heart or my poetry book ‘Dark Poetry by A.O. Chika’

Oh, and I certainly wouldn’t mind having a beta reader to work with on both series. It might not be much but I promise to add your credits to each chapter beta read.

Thank you for reading this.

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