I made a post earlier this week that I would be creating a fanfiction review system on my blog to review fanfiction books, as they are no different from other books.
Despite making that post I had to come up with a way to structure it so as to differentiate it from other book reviews as well as make it easy for readers to sort through them.
I’ll be focusing more on Fanfiction stories on AO3 because it allows readers to download the eBook, however that doesn’t mean fanfiction books on Wattpad will not be reviewed.

So, Here’s the fanfiction review system:
Fanfiction reviews can be sorted by Fandom, ratings, warnings, length, status and orientation.


AO3 as well as other platforms for fanfiction stories have thousands if not millions of stories and I really cannot review books in any fandom so I have decided to narrow it down to the following fandoms.

  1. Hannibal
  2. Suits
  3. Teen Wolf
  4. Criminal Minds
  5. Supernatural
  6. Once Upon a Time
  7. Shameless
  8. Sherlock Holmes and related fandoms

To be honest I haven’t watched most of them, but I have found a lot of great stories written on them in AO3 and I think starting with these would be fine. Perhaps later I’ll add more fandoms to the list but for now these would do.


Sorting by ratings will be the same as with any other book review, ratings will be from 1 to 5 stars.


I’ll be using AO3 warning system. Sorting by warning will be as follows

  1. No warnings apply
  2. Graphic depiction of Violence
  3. Major character death
  4. Rape/Non-con
  5. Underage


Sorting by length will be as follows

  1. Short stories <10k words
  2. Novellas <30k words
  3. Novels <60k words
  4. Long Novels <60k words and above


Sadly there are a lot of unfinished stories on AO3 but sometimes the story is too good be ignored and the story might not be abandoned just

Sorting by status will be as follows

  1. Complete
  2. Incomplete


Sorting by orientation will be as follows

  1. Asexual/Aromantic
  2. Bisexual
  3. Gay
  4. Genderqueer
  5. Intersex
  6. Lesbian
  7. Transgender

I’m really looking forward to doing some book reviews on fanfiction stories, I’ve already began stacking my ePUB reader with fanfic books.

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