As a book reviewer, I feel I should support fanfiction writers by reviewing their works and putting it up for display in as many places as I can. I will be treating fanfic writers as I would treat any Author, and their books the same way I would treat a published book.

I’m a big fan of fanfiction stories, sure some are awful but the lot of them are beautifully written, well crafted, original and emotionally captivating. The collection of 8k+ fanfic stories in my phone can attest to that. It took me over three years to grow my collection and while I’ve only read about half of it, it’s still something I take pride in.


Most people don’t consider Fanfic as novels, and in my opinion, they are. Take AO3 for example, they allow readers to download stories in ePUB, pdf, mobi or html for free and as a fan of long stories I often download stories that are up to and more than 100k words. AO3 is pretty much an archive of free books if you ask me.

Writing is not easy, it is an art and I know how much work goes into crafting a beautiful story, and just because a story is based on a movie, film or anime doesn’t make it any less of an artwork.

I’ll be adding a fanfiction option to the menu as well as creating a rating system based on Fandom, Genre and length. At the bottom of the review would be the link to the book on AO3 so everyone can read and download it into their devices.

fanfiction ships

Just a little heads up though: I will ONLY be reviewing fanfic written on a TV series. I read most of my fanfiction on Archive Of Our Own (AO3) as it makes it easy for me to download the book for offline reading, however I might also review a fanfic book written on Wattpad.

So fanfic writers feel free to contact me, don’t forget to include the link(s) to your book(s).

gay cinderella fanfiction

PS: All Fanfic books will have to have a main pairing that falls under the LGBTQIA umbrella, I also don’t mind posting fanart.

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