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I will ignore the Evil Overlord’s arguments revolving around honor and/or morality. If he were really all that worked up about either, he would never have become an Evil Overlord in the first place.

The Evil Overlord’s List

I’ve always wanted to write a story centered around either a competent villain or a competent, non-gullible hero without a messiah complex.

I wanted to write a story from the villain’s point of view, this way I can make sure they win. I’m still salty about Madara Uchiha’s death. If you don’t watch Anime, I’m not sure what to say to you.

Anyway, I was and still am, a big Madara fan. He was such a badass villain.  He was kicking asses and taking names. He was untouchable, smart, he was perfect!

I’m also coincidentally a HUGE Loki fan, and I’m also going to pretend infinity wars never happened.

For some reason, I always root for the villain, even though i know he’s going to lose at the end, usually for pretty stupid things. It’s like none of them has ever read the evil overlord list.

What is The Evil Overlord’s list?

The Evil Overlord List, also known as If I Were An Evil Overlord, is one of several popular lists of planned actions for a competent Evil Overlord to avoid the well-known, cliché blunders committed by supervillains in popular fictional works, typically explained in a comical fashion.

The lists were compiled by science fiction fans over a number of years, and copies of the list that can be found on the Internet vary in number and order of entries.


I’ve read this list a million times, and it’s inspired me to create a series centered around a competent villain.

While reading the column about a competent hero, I found Bart Leib’s The Successful Hero’s list, which made me want to write another series, but this time about a competent, realistic, non-gullible, hero with morals that I could relate to.

I don’t need a hero who thinks fights should be conducted with honor and morality. That’s just asking for death.

I got Bart’s permission to create a series around his list!

I’m currently working on two series “The Evil Overlord List” and “The Successful Hero’s List”

The plan is to publish 10 “lists” from The Successful Hero’s List this year.

I’m not sure if I’ll also publish some “lists” from The Evil Overlord’s List this year but i’m working on both anyway.

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