HANDCUFFS - Book 1 in the Lesbian Erotic Romance Kink Bingo Series.

The metal chain connecting both cuffs rattled against the bed at her struggle and her shoulder ached at the motion.

Ignoring Makena tugging at the handcuffs and the sound of the chain scrapping against the bed, Alice licked her clit.

Makena moaned and struggled harder against her restraints. She needed to touch Alice, she needed to fuck Alice's face.

Alice and Makena have been roommates for almost three years, and have known each other for even longer.

When Alice accidentally goes through the browser history on Makena’s laptop, she sees something she shouldn’t have - Lesbian BDSM porn.

Alice has never been with a woman but she wants to, and who better to be her first time than her roommate and best friend, one that shares her interest in BDSM.