DOMESTIC DISCIPLINE - Book 5 in the Lesbian Erotic Romance Kink Bingo Series.

“Look at me when I talk to you.”

Makena ignored the warning, Alice would either punish her or not, and if last weeks trend continued, then odds were Alice wouldn’t do anything but sigh in frustration.

She jerked in surprise when there were fingers in her hair, and pain shot down her spine as Alice pulled her hair and turned her head around to face her.

“I’ve let you get too spoiled, I’ve indulged you too much that you’ve forgotten your place. Time-out, strip to your underwear and go kneel at the corner,” Alice said, pointing to the far left corner of the living room.

Alice and Makena have been roommates for almost three years, and have known each other for even longer.

When Alice accidentally goes through the browser history on Makena's laptop, she sees something she shouldn't have - Lesbian BDSM porn.

Alice has never been with a woman but she wants to, and who better to be her first time than her roommate and best friend, one that shares her interest in BDSM.