Callie lives on the road, trading labor for food and lodging through a farm work-exchange program. She’s perfectly content with the life she’s created, but it is shaken up when she meets Jo, a mechanic and sister of Callie’s latest boss.

For the first time, Callie begins reconsidering the choices she’s made. But Jo’s life is far more complicated than her own and as family tensions rise, they threaten to pull Callie in, and her growing bond with Jo might not be reason enough to stay.

Any Way The Wind Blows Book Cover Any Way The Wind Blows
Carlin Grant
Romance, Ace/Aro
Less Than Three Press
March 23, 2016


it's a unique slow burn story. Sadly, it's a bit too slow for my taste and I found myself wondering when something would happen, the stakes and conflicts were very mild.

While it wasn't emotionally compelling to me, the author tried to make up for it using interesting characters.
I love the fact that the main characters are aromantic asexual, which is one of the things I loved about the story.

I'm a bit conflicted about Jo though, sometimes she seemed so fragile and delicate despite being an ex-army, maybe the author wanted to show some softness rather than go for the typical aggressive butch type. Still it was a bit confusing how she went from meek to badass, just like that.

The ending felt a bit rushed but I suppose it's because there was nothing really left to add.

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