Dr. Kate Morrison doesn’t know how or why someone would create human bombs that are triggered by touch. But when Sergeant Andy Wyles blocks Kate from touching the patient who collapses in her Vancouver ER, Kate joins the investigation to demand answers, regardless of the danger.

As the two women work together to find those responsible for creating an army of human weapons, Kate finds it increasingly difficult to ignore her feelings for the fiercely protective and unrelentingly perceptive cop.

The investigation escalates, and Kate gradually begins to trust Andy, not only with her safety but also with the difficult details of her past. With lives at risk and her heart on the line, Kate must search for a way to defuse the bombs and save her patients, even as she questions the intensifying connection between herself and Andy.

Trigger Book Cover Trigger
Trigger #1
Jessica Webb
Bold Strokes Books
April 12, 2016


HOLY FREAKING SHIT! This book is so amazing I could marry it!
The tension, the suspense and the exploding bodies! Yep, you read that right. This book is the pinnacle of lesbian fiction, the romance was subtle and did not ruin the suspense. I was high on adrenaline after reading this book, it's that good.

What's scarier than a person wearing a bomb? A person who IS a bomb! Completely organic. Absolutely undetectable. A weaponized human body that can be triggered by a simple touch. (I stole this line from Jem on Goodreads I recommend reading her review here)

This book was intense and I doubt anyone could put this book down once they got started. The first two chapters were a bit slow and then BAM! An injured man and the bomb squad comes in and our lives would never be the same again.

The plot is original and engaging, the theme and premise were well executed. I mean the blurb was a bit boring and completely downplayed the book itself, and I wondered how the author planned to sell a story about people who are bombs.

The characters were real and fascinating when they were afraid so was I and when they were happy I couldn't help but laugh. At the beginning I felt like Kate was looking for an excitement in her life, It doesn't get any more exciting than being the only person who can touch human bombs without them detonating, finding out why she could hurt but hey it served a good cause... God, I sound heartless!

Andy is an interesting character as well, she gave off this standoffish aura even when she was being friendly... well as friendly as she could be. I understood her but whenever she acted 'friendly' I squinted and called bullshit, while wondering what the ulterior motive was. My trust issues aside, I loved her... she reminds me of Morgan from Criminal Minds for some reason.

Trigger has it all Romance, Drama, Angst, Suspense, Action... you name it, This is a must read!

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