In the aftermath of a nasty fight after being jumped by four youths, faced with a mother desperate to get rid of the son she’s ashamed of, Kyle is forced to leave home to take up an apprenticeship he doesn’t want and can’t wait to be finished with.

On another planet.

Upon arrival, though, a nasty surprise awaits. The position he was hired for no longer exists and he’s going to be left standing around until Dr. O’Brien, the man he was to work for, can find him a new job. Following a strange compulsion, Kyle leaves the compound, only to nearly get himself killed out in the alien atmosphere. Kyle is told he’s too reckless to stay and fit only for the mining colonies, where he’ll be little more than a slave.

Distraught but helpless, Kyle counts down the days until his departure. He’s distracted from his misery, however, by the same compulsion that first drove him from the compound, a presence in his mind that seems to be coming from the local lifeform being kept in Dr. O’Brien’s lab…

Tantalus Book Cover Tantalus
Albert Nothlit
Sci-fi, Romance, Suspense
Less Than Three Press
April 20, 2016


Interesting story, I loved Kyle and even though I couldn’t fully connect with Jim I somewhat understood him. Plus, there were cute fur balls which added a lot of cuteness.

The plot was interesting, and I loved how the Author tied Sci-fi, Government conspiracy, and romance into one beautiful book. I calling this book a romance book would be untrue as the romance while present was background to the other plot elements in the book.

When I think of how much research the Author most have done to get the near death scenes right I’m scared and impressed, and hey I got a free class on how oxygen deprivation can kill someone. I can’t wait to test it out. Ahem… ignore that last sentence.

Towards the ending, it felt a bit rushed and there were so many things happening at once and it was almost hard to keep up as I kept having to go back to confirm that I hadn’t missed anything. However, it also created this sort of urgency and tension and I was fully immersed in making sure I didn’t miss a thing! I’m glad Lieutenant McBitchface (Not her real name BTW) got arrested, any chance we get to see her tortured in next book… Ah, my sadistic side is showing gimme a minute.

I loved Kyle and I’ll admit I enjoyed laughing at his misery at the beginning because he was such a careless boy who couldn’t appreciate the opportunity he had, but as the story progressed, I began to understand the reason for his behavior. The scene where Kyle and Jim were finally about to kiss and a natural disaster it had to happen at that time is one of my favorite.

It was like one of those “If anyone has a reason why this two should not be together, speak now or forever hold your peace” moments. Nature not only interrupted their kiss scene but also decided to give them one week to live.

I loved how optimistic they were at first; I could feel the denial coming off them. I loved watching their optimism fade and they finally had to stop acting as if everything was okay, Damn, the feels smacked me in the face.

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