Book Review: Speak with the Dead by Jacqueline Rohrbach


Clarence and Bryant thought an all expense trip to visit family in Wisconsin would offer a pleasant break from the doldrums of Arizona life. There was, however, a catch: Bryant’s sister bought a room where you could supposedly see and speak to the dead. Assuming the entire thing is a hoax—sea monkeys for rich people—Bryant and Clarence travel east on their family’s dime.

A surprise awaits them. The room works as advertised, allowing the human eye access to the spirit world, and the ghost inside has a thing or two to teach them about the afterlife.

Speak With The Dead Book Cover Speak With The Dead
Jacqueline Rohrbach
Horror, Humor, Romance
NineStar Press
October 9th 2017
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The story premise is that rich people can buy and "install" ghosts in their house to show off. These ghosts can be harmless... until things begin to get funky and they're after your life.

The story starts with Betty Anne and her shitty ass husband - Mark, buying a ghost. The seller gives them clear instructions on what to do when the "harmless" ghost begin to show signs of being something else. Of course, this shitty couple ignores the advice because a dangerous ghost would make for a great story and would make their neighbors envious of them. Like seriously I've never met a couple so pretentious and irritating like this assholes. They have the survival instinct of a wet sponge!

Betty Anne invite's her brother Byrant and his husband Clarence to show off every expensive item they own including the ghost and badly cooked food. I'm going to pause here to add this "It doesn't matter how expensive a steak is, burnt undercooked and semi-raw steak is garbage."

I'm still trying to think of words to describe Betty Anne and Mark are so here's a from quote Attack Helicopter's Review

Betty Anne is a character you can easily love to hate. She has no spine, no interesting factors about herself or her life, and seems to think her life is better than everyone else's because she can afford more things. Unhappily married to Mark, one of the biggest dicks in the universe, they live happily with the ghost they bought - a young girl who died of cancer. Because who doesn't like seeing a dead child when eating dinner?
Bryant and Clarence aren't fond of this side of the family - not only for the homophobia they show towards the couple, but also because of all the cruel things they do to other people and even animals. Like I said, they were easy to hate!

I was so happy when Mark died, because God that asshole shouldn't have lived this long, he was a sexist, homophobic asshole with serious issues. I pictured him as a soggy bag of flour.

I was rooting for Byrant and Clarence the entire time and OMG Clarence grandma -Gammy is so badass. She is sweet, caring and protective of her family.

You can probably tell that I loved this book, it kept me hooked from the first page. God, I'm so happy those shitty assholes got what they deserved, I'm also sad that Byrant had such a terrible family, on the plus side he has Gammy ( ˘⌣˘)♡(˘⌣˘ )

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