“I feel safe with you.”

“It’s not safe for anyone to be around me.”

Shane Carter couldn’t wait to see his daughter after returning home from Afghanistan. Even though the scars he collected overseas ran deep, her light always brought him through the darkness. But when his ex-wife denies him the chance, those scars bleed into every part of his life and Shane is forced to admit he needs help.

“You can’t fool me. I know who you really are.”

Aaron Hayes thought he’d found the perfect career as a service dog trainer. Until he realized speaking to crowds was part of the job description. He’s never felt safe in a crowd, but one-on-one? That’s a different story. And when a handsome and troubled veteran needs his help training a service dog, Aaron doesn’t hesitate.

“You’re the only one who sees me.”

Shane tries his best to keep Aaron at a distance, even though his attraction to the man is undeniable. Convinced a quick fling will get it out of his system, he seduces Aaron. But he soon realizes he’s the one falling under Aaron’s spell. As Aaron starts to become his light in the darkness, Shane fears their future together–or lack thereof. If he can’t even win back his own daughter, how is he ever going to fend off his demons long enough to find solace with Aaron?

Solace Book Cover Solace
Sierra Riley
May 13, 2016


This is the first book of Sierra Riley that I've read so I'm not sure how to compare it to her other books. The books hype made me expect something out of this world. The book was good, really good but I guess I expected too much out of it.

Shane and Aaron as characters were beautifully created, their chemistry was obvious and believable, they both brought their own baggage and personality making the book had to put down.
The sex was interesting... I mean, *sigh* I never know how to comment on a sex scene, forget I said anything about it.

I liked how both men were flawed, the PTSD and Aaron's anxiety was a nice touch. I also loved how Seira gave Aaron a spine because in the beginning I felt like he was a very emotionally vulnerable baby I would have to protect.

I also loved how I got to watch Shanes journey, it was emotional and very touching, the situation with his ex-wife and daughter ramped up the tension even more.
I love the structure of this book and how all the plot and subplots were tied together to seem like one big plot. It's amazing how Sierra did that!

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