Down the twists and turns of the London alleyways, where Chinatown meets the highstreets, lies a small venue where unknown rock bands often play to crowds of less than one-hundred.

Isaac is nineteen, living on the sofa of his best friend’s brother – Eric – after his bible-loving parents tossed him aside because of his sexuality. After two years of struggling to make sense of his life, Eric and Charlotte convince Isaac to attend Red’s gig; an up and coming rock band with a small cult following.

All hell breaks loose and Isaac is left injured, with the whereabouts of his friends unknown and his body crippled on the ground. It’s then that the four members – Troy, Nicolai, Kyle and Moss – aid Isaac by infecting him with a ‘magical’ virus that grants immortality in exchange for consuming blood.

The ‘Paranorm’ world is exposed to Isaac. Vampires, werewolves and warlocks lurk in the depths of the city he has lived in his entire life, but he won’t become one with the night until he completes his nine-month transition, leaving him in the hands of the band and at the mercy of vampire politics.

Seeing Red: Scorched Book Cover Seeing Red: Scorched
Omega Moon
T.C. Orton
Self Published
May 6, 2016


I'm not the biggest fan of vampire books, mostly because they seem to be so linear and the story is usually one dimensional and predictable even with subplots, but this one was different.
The gruesome start drew me in, and nothing stays BANG! like a scene with someone's skull being crushed, accidentally or otherwise. I'm morally dubious and the hook was all I needed to drop everything else and focus on the book.

The Romance was well written and while Nick was a bit too nice and sweet for my taste he was a good boyfriend to Isaac. One of the things I loved about this book were the multi-dimensions each character had, Kyle was sweet and upbeat but his past was a mess, Troy seemed like an oblivious pot head, but he had been in love with Kyle for a VERY long time, he's even the goddamn prince! Isaac grew from the kid crashing at his friend's house, to a vampire who had no clue what was going on... there was the ghoul part, the anger issues, and the moral dubiousness that was fine in my books.

Honestly to me he was just a kid who needed a break, his insecurity and nervousness were obvious, his emotions were all over the place and he did some pretty stupid things but let's be honest if I suddenly became a vampire, playing good guy would be the last thing on my mind. On that note WTF is wrong with Issac's parent, someone gimme lamp lemme smack them in the head.

Moss and Nick's growth was subtle mostly because there were hints all along, Moss might be a grumpy cat but he had his soft...ish moments, Nick was just trying to be a sweet and considerate boyfriend all along.

I'll admit there were times in which Nick and Issac's relationship had me going huh?? but I chalked it down to Nick being a gentleman and wanting to wait until Issac was mentally prepared and the nine-month transformation period was over before having full on sex.

I love how the romance took a turn in the direction I hoped for. I love moss, he's my favorite character and he reminds me of Roronoa Zoro- the only man I could ever love. I prefer aggressive and morally dubious characters and Moss was just that, I loved how the author didn't make him some grumpy bad ass guy with no weakness or any sort of redeeming qualities, I was actually happy when he got his ass kicked by Luke, it made him more human... well he's a vampire but you know what I mean. I love how the attraction between him and Issac was always there but we just couldn't see it for what it was until half way into the book and suddenly I was like wait a minute... did that just?

Moss and Isaac's first 'moment' was amazing and had me rooting for them despite Issac and Nicks relationship.

Eric was another complicated character, what hurt was that Eric probably didn't know how fucked up his situation was, Luke might be an ass but he was a well-written ass and I'm pretty sure in different situations I would root for him. Now if I could just convince the Author to write about Luke and Aiden falling in love.

That being said the characters, plot and prose were beautiful, I'm looking forward to reading more books by T.C. Orton.

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