When you fall in love, if it’s real, it’s forever. But what happens if the woman who gave your life meaning now hates you, for all the wrong reasons? Do you walk away? Claire chooses to stay, knowing her partner will never love her again. Her happiness has been stolen, and her future seems unclear.

That is until Regan arrives.

Regan is an angry woman running from problems. Faced with challenges, she moves to Devon to sort out her dead brother’s estate. From the moment she meets Claire, they seem destined to clash. As they do, secrets begin to unravel that test them both but which offer the chance for love

Salvation Book Cover Salvation
I. Beacham
Bold Strokes Books
April 12, 2016


I loved this book, the pacing and transition weren't very smooth as there were bits where I felt things were moving too fast... like Regans mood swings, her moods and thought patterns did not make sense sometimes. There were also bits that moved too slow, and I couldn't wait for the punch line to come so I skipped a page to two.

The blurb is boring and to be honest, the book has some boring bits, the relationship between Clair and Regan moved slow. If you love slow burn lesbian romance then this is for you, if not you'd give up after chapter three.

I loved the beginning, the funeral scene drew me in and made me read the entire ebook because I had to know who was being buried and what the girl holding at the church was.

The whole thing about Claire being wealthy made sense, but only because of chapter one, other than that there was no proof or hint of her wealth, so when Regan found out Claire was actually well off, I was just as surprised as she was, and for a while, I called Bullshit.

There were some powerful emotions thrown in the mix from Regans grief from her brother's death to Claire 'mourning' her ex-lover... who is alive BTW, I loved the character development althoughI wished the book had more intensity/spark/heat

It was a good book nevertheless

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