Tattoo artist Geoff Gilchrest is convinced his life is some sort of cosmic joke. Why else would a hemophiliac also be a masochist? He’s given himself more than one elbow bleed since puberty just doing what guys do when alone and bored, so forget about whips and chains. How many partners would contemplate playing with someone even a mild flogging could kill?

Gallery owner Robin Brady knows he can deliver what Geoff needs: to be taken to the edge of danger but never beyond. But Robin came to Saugatuck to get away from the leather scene and heal from a betrayal by his former sub, so he’s not sure he should get involved with Geoff. His ambivalence isn’t helped by the fact that Geoff’s unwillingness to communicate about his well-being hits Robin in some very raw places.

Geoff’s hemophilia isn’t the obstacle he thinks it is. Instead, a lack of trust—on both their parts—is what could end them before they have a chance to begin.

Risk Aware Book Cover Risk Aware
Amelia C. Gormley
Romance, Erotica
Riptide Publishing
May 9, 2016


You know that class in school that you're fairly decent at but you wouldn't read extra... Until the hot substitute teacher came in and all of a sudden you have this endless zeal to learn.

This book was the hot substitute teacher. It was fun learning a lot about BDSM and Haemophilia.
I'm not very comfortable reading erotica, more like I never really understand it, Maybe it's an asexuality thing. But I'm a big fan of BDSM books even though they seemed to be packed with endless sex scenes that have me wondering wtf is going on. The point is, I'm a junkie for learning new stuff and boy did this book deliver.

I love the way the book showed me news things, without making it too 'teachy' i loved the fact that despite Geoff's medical condition he still had his own emotional conflicts. Nothing makes me happier than a character with internal and external conflicts. I'm also happy that Robin wasn't perfect either. He had his own baggage, he wasn't some white knight... okay in a way he is but at least he also has his own crap load of issues.
The characters were well defined and they both grew as the story progressed. their chemistry was easy to see, their emotions and anger were also easy to believe. I was emotionally invested in watching Geoff grow. That baby needed a hug and a stern talking to!
The storyline was beautiful, as was the concept and premise. lemme just add that I love Jace!

If you're looking for a BDSM book with amazing erotic scenes, truckload of conflicts, UST the size of Mars and one very sexy supportive best friend then this is for you!

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