With four months to go until she turns twenty and the beginnings of a promising modelling career forming around her, teenage Harpy Myra Evans should be happy. And she would be. . .if she weren’t in mortal danger.

As an extremely rare breed of paranormal, Myra’s powers are highly coveted. When powerful beings begin to vanish one by one, the Reapers begin to suspect Myra could be the next target—and with deadly nightmares leaving her shaken night after night and the feeling of being watched following her everywhere, time is running out.

Can Myra piece together the clues and find a way to protect herself—or will the monster that haunts her dreams claim her as its own once and for all?

Rage Book Cover Rage
The Maelstrom Arrangement
Apollo Blake
Young Adult, Fantasy
March 9, 2016


This book was interesting. As a reader who gets bored easily and constantly skips places that seem so slow and take ages to get to the point, it held my attention despite the slow pace.
I was hoping for more plot twists and milestones but I suppose as the first in the series the lack of several obvious major plot points was understandable.
I love the slight and subtle character growth in Myra. She changed from a scared little girl to one ready to fight.
Myra is a well rounded character with three dimensions, and Apollo Blake definitely took the time to develop each dimension, so another Kudos.
In terms of the story concept it definitely has originality going for it, the premise was also well executed. I'm definitely curious about the nightmares and the voice trying to claim her so kudos to the Author for making me care about her. I'm actually also glad about the mild romance going on in the background, without overshadowing the story.

I'm definitely like looking forward to reading other books in the series.
Okay I'll be honest, who does she end up with?? Lucie? Dom? Dammit gimme a hint!


“Myra,” the whisper came again.

Oh, God.

“Fuck, no!” Hunter tightened his grip, and she felt the crackling of his magik like a physical force trying to hold them to the ground. “Something is pulling you in!”

“In? Into what? Do something you big—”

Before she could finish the sentence the world fell into darkness, taking Hunter with it. She was left alone, in the cold, with nothing but her pain.


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