Simple delicacies like donuts and coffee can bring two people together no matter what their differences; it can make for a very satisfying experience. But deceit can turn those experiences sour.

In these two stories, Cupid shoots his arrows at four men, drawing them to one another through chance encounters that instantly grow into something more.

Time To Make The Donuts

Christopher Wettlon has inherited his grandfather’s Donuts to Go shop. He’s young, educated, and pretty well off, but still something is missing from his life.

Enter Andre Bentley, who seems to have everything going for him. Little does Christopher know Andre is out for more than his fresh, strawberry creams.

The two men are getting along well until Chris confronts Andre about his job. Can Andre ‘work’ himself back into Chris’s good graces?

Smooth Like Latte

Brendan Walsh is committed to working for his irrational, homophobic dad who has threatened to disown him if he comes out gay to the world. Pretending to be someone he isn’t weighs him down. This puts Brendan on edge and alert at all times, leaving little to no time for him to build a steady relationship with anyone.

Davori “Latte” Jenkins is a happy go lucky barista working in the Walsh building. Born and raised in North Carolina, Latte possesses extremely good looks and charms the pants off anyone in his path using his Southern boy attitude.

When Brendan visits the shop Latte works in, they’re immediately drawn to one another. Latte makes him a caramel latte with something extra.

Because Brendan isn’t out of the closet, they keep their thoughts and flirtations private. Once they start dating, Brendan gets the courage to come out publicly and the relationship goes into overdrive. Still, Latte desires something more to define their relationship.

Mocha Kisses and Coffee Book Cover Mocha Kisses and Coffee
Thirteen Below Press, LLC
April 1, 2016
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It's 8am and I just woke up, I haven't had coffee yet so this might not be a nice review.
There are so many things wrong with this book that I don't know who to blame, the author, editor or the publisher for letting this book get to the public in this state.
I know writing a book is tough but, damn this book was bad. I'd give it 1 and a half stars but since that isn't possible I'll just give it 1 star.
Time to make the donuts
This was the first story in the book and it took me only two pages to know that this book would suck... and I was right.
I hated Chris best friend almost immediately after she was introduced, she seemed like a she was annoying, overbearing and who talks like that? Better still who talks like anyone in this book?
This, of course, brings me to the second thing wrong with this book: The dialog in this book cannot honestly be a called a dialog, it's so forced, unnatural and just plain weird.
At page three, I had this face on:
Chris and Andre were the most boring, frustrating, one-dimensional characters I've ever read, the author tried to give them some backstory but it didn't take. Also, I know that in a romance book, the focus is usually on the development of the characters but with half-assed characters and half-assed conflict, you get a linear romance story that seems to drag on for ages where the everything about the 'romance' is forced. I couldn't feel any connection to Chris and Andre, so maybe that's why I didn't feel any chemistry/heat/ spark/ or even lust.
And the Instalove at the speed of light?
The book would have done better if the Author took the time to properly expand the story, rather than shove everything down my throat.

Smooth like Latte

I'll admit to skipping lots of pages because after reading the first story, I wasn't really ready to read another book like it. The same problem in the first happened her, except the instalove didn't move with the speed of light, so yay! a plus.

Brendan as a character is annoying, spineless and God I wanted to get into the book smack him and tell him to get his shit together. Also, who the hell begins hinting towards marriage after dating someone for three weeks, even worse dating someone who has been in the closet his whole life because of his homophobic father. Author-san and Characters-san please get real!

The romance between this Brendan and Latte, while unbelievable, had more spark than Chris and Andre in the first story so yea...

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