Spring approaches with the promise of new beginnings, fresh adventures, and the thrill of romance rekindled or discovered. Hot, sexy guys abound-meeting on the ball fields or the boardroom, at the theater or the classroom-falling in love and lust for the first time or celebrating a lifetime. Come join the rites of spring and indulge yourself in the passion and pleasures of our luscious men in love. Stories from some of today’s popular m/m romance authors explore the many faces of men in love: gay for you, seductions, weddings and more.

Men in Love Book Cover Men in Love
Bold Strokes Books
April 12, 2016


Honestly, I'm on the fence on this one. It had some great stories, some decent stories and some that had me skipping pages. The prose was nice as was the editing.
The anthology consisted of 18 stories, out of which two or three were my favorite. Most of the stories seem to have a lot of details which I felt were unnecessary for a short story.
I didn't like the slow burn, mostly because the stories did not have enough suspense and tension to have me waiting patiently for stuff to finally happen.

The stories I loved were:

  • American Master Bakers by Dale Cameron Lowry

Joey and Terrence are contestants in a Baking reality show, I liked the chemistry they had and I liked how Joey kept calling Terrence 'Old Man'

Joey's half-assed denial was amusing and God I laughed at how 'thirsty' he was. I mean for all his declarations about how much he hated Terrence he was  caught on air with a boner because he wasn't fast enough to adjust himself.

  • Photo-Love and Seven Ways to Get The Guy by R.W. Clinger

This one had me confused a couple time but Brody made me stay. I love how he tried to understand photography so he could impress Roarke except the only thing he knew about photography was from Instagram and Pinterest.

Also, this line happened.

"Brody I need you," Roarke sais, his voice wavering with nervousness.

It was nice to be needed by a man. What gay guy didn't want that? "Where and when?"

"247 Mossdale Street. Two o'clock this afternoon."

"I'll be there count on it."

Before I ended our cell phone conversation, he hurriedly asked, "Do you have any lime green underwear?"

  • What A Coincidence by Matthew Bright

The time travel was a nice touch, Travis and Winston's first date was a disaster until their future self from thirty years show up and guide help their younger selves, get their shit together rather than give up after just one date.

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