First kiss, first heartbreak, first love, first time… but not necessarily in that order.

The hit reality show, Singing Sensation, promises to make its winners big stars – but all Conor Gillis wants is to get out of his small town. It’s not the sort of place where a quiet, eighteen-year-old who loves the Beatles and playing guitar can expect to fit in.

Conor’s also pretty sure he’s the only gay person in town.

Well, except for one other person…

Derek Folsom is the kind of bad influence parents warn you about. He’s tough, rough, and always looking for a fight. He’s the last person anyone would suspect of being gay, infact he’s likely to punch anyone who does suspect it. So why is he suddenly so interested in Conor?

Conor’s pinning all his hopes on auditioning for a TV show. It’s his only chance to realize his dreams, and escape all of these confusing feelings. But will he be able to find his voice… and his true self?

Life in a Nowhere Town Book Cover Life in a Nowhere Town
Sing Out
Hanna Dare
Hanna Dare
January 27, 2016


I'm not the biggest YA fan but I’ll admit this book was nice. Also 'fiery crotch' made me snicker a few times.


The plot wasn’t complicated, it was rather simple - a small town boy auditions for a singing competition, fully assured that he isn’t going to get a call back much less win, while dealing with that ,he has to deal with this thing going on with Derek -the school bully.

I’m not complaining about the sex scene, but to be honest I feel like a perv whenever I read a YA sex scene.

I love/hate Connor's relationship with his father even though I understand that he's still grieving for his late wife and is trying very hard to seem strong and unaffected. I don’t think Conor’s dad meant to be distant, it’s just that they do this thing where they don’t talk about stuff and Conor’s dad just assumes everything is fine.

Conor and Derek’s growing relationship was another subplot. The thing is Conor and Derek are not in love, to be honest, it's a bit difficult to explain what they have going on, but it has the potential to turn into something more.

Derek started off as that cliché high school jerk we see in every YA novel and movie, and to be honest when I saw him I rolled my eyes. But it was interesting how he brought his own baggage and how he was kinda supportive of Conor (he also smashed Conor's guitar so maybe that’s a bit of a stretch)

OMG, can someone please hug Derek!

I really liked Connor's friendship with Megan and Ali, their interactions were fun to read, a bit weird but good weird (IDK if that makes sense)

The prose wasn't very smooth, neither was the transition. I'm not really in tuned with YA books but the chemistry between Conor and Derek wasn't... aargh how do I say this? I felt like Derek was the only option the story could provide Conor with. In a real world, the 'romance' between them resembles a 'friends with benefits' agreement. However, the story was enjoyable despite all that.

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