Letters to Laura is the story of one woman’s journey from heartbreak to healing. Told through a series of letters, this unique epistolary offers insight into coming out of the closet, losing your virginity, and learning how to genuinely grieve in the face of loss.

People don’t have to die to leave us and when two women—madly in love—break apart, the leaving is all too real. In this inspiringly raw work, grief shows its true nature: that of a healer. How much pain have you shoved down into the depths of your broken heart? Perhaps the light needed for your darkness lies between the lines of one brave woman’s willingness to be exposed.

Letters to Laura Book Cover Letters to Laura
Wesley Rivers
Wesley Rivers
March 17, 2016


Breakups are tough, at first, we're miserable and then angry and then we try to play the victim by blaming the other person for everything, and if you're like me the next stage is pretending to be 'the bigger person'.

But despite it all, breakups change us whether for better or for worse, mostly living us with a crap load of self-doubt and trust issues... we've all been there.

When I started reading this book, I HATED Laura. I didn't understand her and for a while, I thought it didn't matter, breaking up with someone like that, shattering their whole world abusing them emotionally is unforgivable. But I continued reading, I began to see why she acted that way and a part of me understood her behaviour and empathized with her.

This book is beautiful because it shows us how much we can grow after a breakup, it doesn't mean the hurt disappears, but it shows you the journey towards getting to the point when you see them again and rather than pain, hurt, and acceptance, there is just a fond remembrance of all the good things you had and how much you've grown since then and maybe just maybe all the pain served it purpose.

And most importantly it didn't blame Laura for everything because truth is they were both broken, they both had their flaws and issues; one kept pretending to be what she was not, and the other kept pushing everyone away, destroying herself and everyone around her.

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