Book Review: Kiss & Tell by Cynthia Dane and Hildred Billings


Lust and love collide. And it’s a mess.


Heiress Victoria is about to embark on a world tour marketing her new advice book for lesbians. The public demands to meet her socially reclusive girlfriend, the woman of Victoria’s inspiration.

Too bad the girlfriend leaves her. 
For another woman. (In a RV…)

Victoria’s broken heart only sees two options: cancel the tour, or go alone. Her publisher, however, demands a woman on her arm.

Any. Woman.


When Madison’s boss at the escort agency sets her up with Victoria, she leaves out one little thing.

Namely, that Madison’s new client is a woman!

Madison has never been with a woman before. But two weeks together forces her to choose between a tenuous love with a woman on the verge of a heartbroken breakdown, or taking her career to the ultimate level.

Victoria is willing to have a rebound. Madison is willing to court a new client. Both are going to have to massively compromise if they want to bring their hot fling back to America.

It ain’t gonna be easy!

Kiss & Tell Book Cover Kiss & Tell
Cynthia Dane, Hildred Billings
Lesbian Romance
Barachou Press
July 25th 2017
ebook, Paperback


I LOVED THIS BOOK! so much I contacted Hildred Billings for an exclusive interview \( ̄▽ ̄)/

Victoria's girlfriend of five years Anna, leaves her for a woman in an RV just weeks to Victoria's book tour promoting her book on how to maintain a healthy long-term relationship... talk about irony.

I was a bit unhappy that Anna, planned on leaving without saying anything to Vic, like Vic only realized Anna was leaving her when she came home early to find Anna and her new girlfriend moving her stuff. That was so mean!

Since half the reason Vic's book sold out was that people wanted to meet her long-term girlfriend, Vic needs someone to pretend to be her girlfriend hence hiring an escort.

After Madison's client cancels their arrangement to move to who knows where, Madison needs money to maintain her lifestyle and get IRS off her case. She needs a client... any client.

So when she gets a call from her "boss" telling her she has a client -Victor Nicholson- and all she has to do is pretend to be Victor's girlfriend for a book tour, one that'll let her travel to Paris in a private plane, she agrees!

The problem is Victor makes it clear sex is not on the table, which doesn't help Madison because she needs cash and if she can just get him to pay for some "extras" then she can make some money to maintain her lifesyle and maybe get IRS to give her some breathing space. So she decides to seduce the hell out of this guy, it shouldn't be so difficult as most men would kill to have her in their beds.

Imagine her shock when she discovers that Victor Nicholson is Victoria Nicholson.

I laughed at this, OMG she came prepared to seduce a guy and now she has no idea what to do. I mean sure she tries but Vic keeps rebuffing her attempts. Which frustrates her because she knows Vic is attracted to her.

As the story progresses, they get close and Madison's seduction finally pays off, except this time, her heart goes with her and sex with Vic isn't just sex.

The sex scenes were steamy, I'm asexual but damn it got me wondering what it was like to go down on a woman. I was angry when Anna came back because What the heck! you don't get to leave after a 5-year relationship without saying anything, and then you come back and try to push the blame on your partner. If she wasn't comfortable or she wanted more, all she had to do was talk not try to run away with another woman!

Anyway, buy this book, you'll love it!

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