Fox is a mindnet hacker, and works for the mysterious man known only as King. He spends his time uncovering dangerous secrets and releasing them to the public.

But those who cause trouble are bound to attract, and despite their precautions King is taken prisoner by an unknown government. And if Fox is going to save him, he’s going to need help—help that comes from the very last place he expected to find it.

All The King's Men Book Cover All The King's Men
Alex Powell
Less Than Three Press
July 27, 2016
eBook, Paperback, Audiobook
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I'm not the biggest fan of Sci-fi but only because I haven't read that many Sci-f-books and many of them seem to get so lost in the world building that they forget that the heart of a book is the character, even worse they treat the characters as puppets who do not have a life of their own and simply do whatever the author wants them to do, irrespective of whether it matches with the character profile.

Okay, now I'm rambling. The point is this book was amazing in terms of worldbuilding, seriously the whole Cerebrum concept and the mind jumping thing reminded me of The Matrix in a good way. But what I loved more than the world building were the characters.

"At some point in the future, the Cerebrum is a virtual reality network that functions much like the Internet does today, but instead of sitting at a computer screen, users are completely immersed within the virtual reality to the point where they leave their physical bodies behind and experience only the sensory input they receive from within while logged in. While in the Cerebrum, Fox is a mindnet hacker who works with a small group of others under the supervision of a man known as the King. Their objective is to discover secrets and release them to the public. They take precautions to maintain their anonymity and avoid being caught because their activities attract dangerous enemies. When the King is captured by an unknown government, Fox and the others must somehow rescue him in order to avoid all their lives being destroyed. But sometimes help comes from the least expected source. And sometimes attraction also comes from the same unlikely place." [Quoted from Jay's review on Goodreads]

I loved king's poem/clues, I loved agent Seven and the attachment he had to his blue eyes, and maybe I'm reading too much but it felt like Seven's blue eyes... the only thing distinguishing him from a field of agents, made him a unique character- a person.

I laughed whenever I saw the phrase 'gravity defying hair', Fox is awesome! His domain was bare and practically desolate and I finally understood what the psychologist meant about one domain reflecting who they were.

The romance was subtle which I felt went well with the overall theme of the book, had it been too obvious it would have clashed with the very detailed world building.

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