Ever wondered what lesbian love between two teenage girls feel like? Read the story of Lena and Juliet.

Lena Newman is 17 years old and pretty satisfied with her life. Until her world is turned upside down. Juliet James is the new girl at school and very quickly manages to send Lena’s heart wild. Juliet introduced Lena to a part of herself she didn’t know was there, taking her on an emotional journey where loyalty, friendships and family relationships are tested. Juliet represents the road less traveled. Will Lena take it?


Just Juliet Book Cover Just Juliet
Charlotte Reagan
YA, LGBT, Romance
September 21, 2016
Mobi, Paperback



Just Juliet is a beautiful story about first love, exploring your sexuality; all the fears and thrills that come with finding someone that makes your heart race and your head explode with thoughts and doubts. If discovering your sexuality is hard, coming out is sometimes worse.

Lena took the discovery of her bisexuality easier than I thought, but then again having Scott and Lakyn constantly sucking face and being gross idiots in love might have contributed to that. Her relatively easy acceptance of herself made me happy. Scott, Juliet, and Lakyn already had enough horror stories, and I really wanted her to know it didn’t have to be so complicated.

I mean sure, not everyone would react positively to their friend or child coming out, but there are some people who will like Mr. James. Some people like Lena’s parent would need some time to accept that their kid doesn’t fit into that labeled box they placed them in. I honestly understood Lena’s parents’ reaction to Lena being bisexual. I mean one moment their daughter was dating a linebacker and the next she’s talking about being in love with a girl. They were confused and frustrated, they needed time, and after a while, they accepted Lena’s sexuality as all that mattered was their daughter’s happiness.

What I loved the most about this book apart from the ending that made me laugh and cry at the same time, was the fact that Lena got to understand the feeling of being with someone that made you so happy it hurt. She got to witness the beauty of being herself and being in love with someone who had their own issues but somehow everything was perfect despite the family issues, the insecurity, the public’s reaction to homosexuality… eventually, she realized that very few people actually cared about her sexuality. Well Quinton did, but then again he’s a dick.


Mr. James:

Mr. James is officially my hero. I wish I had someone like him around... heck I wish everyone had someone as loving and understanding as him. I know he’s caring because he lost his best friend who was Trans, to suicide. I wish he didn’t have to go through that, I wish his friend learned to love and accept themselves irrespective of the people he was ‘hurting’ by being themselves.

I mean that man had to be an angel. He took Scott in after the big blowout with his parent and he gave Lena a place to stay after the big reveal with her parents. He even tried to give her the awkward lesbian sex talk because he wanted her to be safe. He’s awesome.


I love her transition from uninterested in anyone but dating Quinton to holy shit Juliet! It wasn’t a fast transition, but it wasn’t slow. I really don’t think anyone just falls in love with someone of the same sex and just dive face first into the intimate part of it. I love watching her figure out herself. I loved watching her accept her feelings for Juliet.

I loved watching her read about LGBT labels to figure out where she stood. Many online articles say labels aren’t necessary but sometimes it’s nice to know what you are. Knowing what she was, and having a name for it presented a kind of safety net.

I was sad when she broke up with Juliet but then again she’s still young, and I didn’t want her to drop everything and change her life for Juliet. However, the ending made up for it.


I wondered why he was always in a hoodie until they came off and I saw the scars on his shoulder, his back and razor scars on his wrist. After learning about that, I felt conflicted, on one hand, I wish I never knew about it because it was just so sad and it finally explained the way he was always silent and guarded except with Scott and his family.

On the other hand, I’m glad he was finally comfortable enough to take off his shirt and be happy with his body despite the scars. I’m glad he stopped hiding… it’s still sad though.

Lakyn’s story isn’t pretty, but he has Scott and despite everything, those two idiots are so much in love, it makes the ugliness of their past fade away. Like Matt said, “Scott is really into the gay thing.”

Their wedding was beautiful, God those two are such dorks and they deserve to be happy, they deserve each other.

This review is long enough so I’m just going to add this. Lacey is awesome, she’s the awesome token heterosexual best friend.

Seriously, this book is amazing read it!

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