Book Review: Interview with the Kevin by Mark Lesney


Danton is a 1200-year old vampire, blinded by the Medieval Church, who makes his life as a paranormal romance novelist. He writes about a vampire detective and “pretends” to his fans to be a vampire himself. But book sales are down because he has been without love for over 30 years and just doesn’t have that spark of romance left in him. Until he meets Kevin, a disbelieving young man, desperate for a job, who is brought in by Danton’s agent to try to lighten up his life and heat up his prose.

Interview with the Kevin Book Cover Interview with the Kevin
Mark Lesney
Romance, Fantasy
NineStar Press
October 16th 2017
Indigo Marketing

This was an... interesting book. I thought the ending was abrupt but it was pretty interesting.

So here's the gist of it:
Danton is a vampire with a shitty past, like for real his tragic backstory. You know those memes that say "You need to be a level 30 to unlock my backstory" Danton's backstory is one no one should ever unlock.

Not only did his first lover die from HIV, and he had to mercy kill him. He was captured and tortured by the church. When I saw torture, I mean 'silver in the eye to prevent him from healing' torture. So now he's a blind vampire, who write gay romance novel.

What sucked (and is simultaneously funny) is that he has not had sex or experienced any kind of passion for years, and his gay romance novel reads like a biology textbook. His romance reads like the note of a student cramming for a practical biology exam. It was so clinical!

His agent decides to hire someone to bring some passion into his life, he does several interviews until he finds Kevin. Their interview starts out awkward and Danton tells Kevin a bit of his tragic as hell backstory. Kevin doesn't believe because well... blind vampires. Which is totally understandable.

I loved how Danton was a bit bitter, it wasn't very obvious but the way he viewed humans was a bit sad. He was so joyless until Kevin took him to the gay club. I love how the author - Mark Lesney put a spin on the whole newly turned vampire biting a human without making them bleed out. Because think about it- if you suddenly needed to drink blood to survive, would you know where to bite, what vein to aim for etc. I also liked how the whole licking the bitten area, to mysteriously heal it was debunked. I love the realism the story contained.

What I didn't like was the LOOOOONG backstory, I would have done without the 2-3 page detail on what was done to Danton, Like seriously that shit was messed up and sad. I enjoy angst but this was way outta my comfort zone.

Back to Danton and Kevin. I loved how after Kevin suspended his doubt about Danton, he relaxed a bit and took Danton on a night he would never forget. Like seriously neither of them would ever forget that night. Who would forget a vampire using your body to see (It sounds freaky and believe me it is, I just don't know how to explain it)

Kevin wasn't perfect, he had his own flaws, but I liked the chemistry they had.

I still think the ending was rushed though.

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