Christie travels to run, to forget. She has no place to call home, but desperately wishes she did.

Roslyn has never been overseas and fears getting stuck in one place. If she’s never left Melbourne, how does she know that’s home?

A crossing of paths in Berlin, wine, and wifi leads to the two traveling together, and as they travel the two find some things they were looking for, and maybe something they weren’t…

We Go Forward Book Cover We Go Forward
Alison Evans
Less Than Three Press
March 23, 2016


We go forward was written beautifully, the prose was wonderful, it was easy and fluid and it had enough cursing and grumpiness to keep me interested.

The main characters Christie and Roselyn, however, were rather complicated, half the time I thought Christie was depressed and to be honest I'm not completely sure that she isn't.

I love internal conflicts as much as the next guy but I still need something happening on the outside, all I got was that they both keep travelling, one because she doesn't know how to stop and the other because she is afraid she'd spend her whole life in one place without seeing other places. And that is understandable; I can relate to the two of them, what I don't get is the unnecessary angst thrown in there for the sake of conflict.

Because I don't understand the characters and the conflict did nothing for me, I'm not sure of what to make of the plot. I get the premise and I think I get the theme... I think.

Nevertheless, there were some parts I loved, like the sex museum and the terrible porn being played. I also loved the castle in Czech and how Roselyn's German was shit. I also loved the beauty of the German culture the book portrayed.

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