Enne Datchery and Muriel vas Veldina, ex-lovers and witches with a shared apprentice, are tasked by the Citadel, to repair an old grimoire together, despite the fact their relationship is tense at best.

The situation is further complicated when the book is stolen, and tracking down the thief stirs even more of Muriel’s past. It swiftly becomes clear to the two that dealing with their fractured relationship is going to be the easy part of the assignment—if they can live long enough to complete it.

Glove of Satin, Glove of Bone Book Cover Glove of Satin, Glove of Bone
Rachel White
Romance, Fantasy
Less Than Three Press
June 8, 2016


I loved this book, at first, I wanted to punch Enne and Muriel for their excellent communication skills, I mean damn someone needs to shove some truth serum down their throat and lock them in a room for a few hours! Sadly, it might not take as they are both witches.

I loved Leo, even though he only have a couple scenes, whenever I read a scene about someone knocking on the door, some part of me hoped it was him. The guy is so oblivious and carefree that watching him piss off Enne and Muriel without even trying was gold.

When Natasha came into the picture, I just knew Muriel would screw up and dammit I hated the fact that I was right. Listen, when your ex is that hot and she invites you to dinner at a fancy restaurant so you can ‘try being friends’ that shit is not gonna work. Muriel, did you forget that you made her spend eight years in prison, who the hell forgive and forgets something like that!

And Enne, woman stop being so goddam stiff, you’re hitting thirty, not seventy stop dressing like you’re going to your own damn funeral! Spice it up a bit.

This book had me feeling like a relationship counselor.

Okay now back to the book. I love the meaning behind the book title, although I relate more with Muriel’s understanding of the quote.

The Glove of Satin to me meant gentleness, and Glove of Bones to me meant aggression and assertiveness. Wearing both gloves meant knowing when to be gentle and when to make a stand and in a way, it also referred to Enne and Muriel relationship. They kept using the wrong gloves; when Enne should have been gentle, she was so damn pissy, and when Muriel needed her to be angry, to show that she cared Enne was so passive.

The same thing with Muriel; when Enne needed her to be gentle and to give a hint that things between them could still be mended, the damn woman had to mention that she was going to dinner with her ex… Her ex that way WAY hotter than Enne. REALLY?!

This book had me facepalming, there is a limit to how frustrating a person can be. Never the less I loved this book, it held my attention all the way to the end. Also, the scene where Enne smacked Natasha with a lamp was gold, the damn woman deserved it.

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