Girls with Guns is three stories by three talented crime writers—Carsen Taite, Ali Vali, and Michelle Grubb—each packing her own special brand of heat.

In Hammersmith by Michelle Grubb: Officer Belinda Riley knew the signs of a suicide bomber, but this time she was blind to the obvious. This time she didn’t want to believe what was right in front of her eyes.

In Bow and Arrow by Carsen Taite: Bounty hunter Luca Bennett has always lived on the edge of the law, but now she’s living with a cop and doing her darnedest to stay out of trouble. When an old enemy resurfaces, will the shady ways of Luca’s past come back to haunt her?

In Hell Fire by Ali Vali: Dr. Abigail Eaton stumbles into a massacre, but once someone tries to kill her it seems like no accident. While hunting for the perpetrators of a sex trafficking empire, Agent Riley Abbott saves Abigail from a professional hit and discovers the young mother might be the key to more than just her case. Riley takes Abigail and her family to what she thinks is safer ground, and runs right into the arms of reputed mob boss Cain Casey.

Girls With Guns Book Cover Girls With Guns
Luca Bennett Bounty Hunter
Michelle Grubb, Carsen Taite, Ali Vali
Romance, Crime, Mystery, Suspense
Bold Strokes Books
April 12, 2016


Bow and Arrow by Carsen Taite (4 stars)

This was the first story in the Girls with Guns book. The story was good; the prose was flawless, the premise was okay, and the characters were decent. It had some wry humor that made me smiling, and most importantly the ending was gold. There is nothing as romantic as tying a bowtie made from your dog's leash to a criminal who hurt and tortured your girlfriend.

Plot: Luca a bounty hunter had been looking for Perez, an ex-cop who killed her partner, tortured Luca and her girlfriend Jess(Also a cop). In the pursuit of Perez she had to let loose a flea (another criminal who name isn't worth the effort of typing), even though the bounty on him would have brought in a lot of money.

Her pursuit of Perez has her keeping secrets from Jess and which puts a bit of strain on their relationship as well as makes Luca panic as she Jess is angry at her.

The Mexican mafia and Cris (know-it-all, and the only person who is actually excited at being part of a jury in a case that runs deeper than they know) complicate things but Luca is determined to find Perez and make her pay.

Character: To be honest, I wasn't that much into Luca. She has great instincts, she smart and women with guns usually work for me but this time not so much.

While there was nothing wrong with her character I wish I could care more about her, I wish I could connect with her. I mean, her character had both internal and external conflicts bit I just couldn't connect with her.

I'm not a big fan of dogs but I absolutely love her dog Cash.


Hammersmith by Michelle Grubb (5 Stars)

Dear God, this was my favorite, it was beautiful, the suspense was killing me, I hung on to every word, looking for clues as to who the suicide bomber was. I was so invested in the story and the characters, it was like falling down the rabbit whole - once I started I couldn't stop.

Plot: Bel was trained on how to spot a suicide bomber in a public place and how to alert her command center so as to minimize the risk. She knows all the signs a suicide bomber exhibits even though she doesn't get why someone would want to kill themselves and others, even though she isn't particularly fond of using her gun.

Her composure goes to hell when she wrongly assumes someone to be a suicide bomber and it turned out not to be, her day gets even worse when her girlfriend she knows nothing about is suspected to be the suicide bomber. It doesn't help that Esther's last message was  'I'll be waiting for you in heaven' talk about fucked up!

Character: Bel was a well-rounded character, I could feel her fear, I could feel her nervousness. She knew all the traits of a suicide bomber but when her girlfriend started exhibiting though traits all her senses went out the door.

I could feel her despair and denial when she got the call confirming Esther as the suicide bomber. Oh God, I was so intrigued by her, even more so when she doubted everything even in the face of evidence.

Talk about a three-dimensional character!


Hell Fire by Ali Vali (2.5 stars)

I've never read any of Ali Vali's book but I hope they are not all like this. There were so many characters that I got confused, I mean who is Finley, is she Riley?

Abigail's marriage confused the hell outta me, I mean considering what I read I cannot in good conscience call it a marriage. also who leaves seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars in cash lying around!????

The plot was nice and so was the premise, but the execution was a mess and the numerous characters made it hard to follow the book much less enjoy it.

Abigail and Finley's eventual relationship seemed rushed to me and to be honest I didn't feel anything other than person A trying to help person B as their world slowly shatters.

I'm going to give this book four stars because of Hammersmith! Damn that story was amazing!

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