Renna has just qualified as a mage and been offered a lucrative job halfway across the country. But getting there is another matter entirely, for the Galloway is lined with the bodies of those who dared to cross her new employer, and old songs relate tales of long-dead kings and graveyard courts.

Hired to protect her on the journey is a grumpy mercenary who spends more time drinking than talking and seems to face his work with the enthusiasm most men reserve for their deaths. She’s also joined by an irresponsible duo of musicians who break hearts with their music and break purses with their gambling. Renna herself is struggling with personal matters, and the company and difficult journey aren’t helping.

All Renna has to do is take the Galloway Road from the coast to Gibbet Rock, but she’s far from convinced she’ll make it through so much as a single day.

The Galloway Road Book Cover The Galloway Road
Catherine Adams
Romance, Fantasy
Less Than Three Press
March 16, 2016


OMG, I actually loved this story. I’m not the biggest fantasy or magic fan but this definitely won me over. I love how Renna grew from the quiet, magically incompetent woman to a woman who could make a stand even in the face of her dead lover/crush.
Despite the length of the story there was an obvious character arc, the plot was confusing at times and I kept waiting for the romance to slap me in the face but when it did it was subtle and so beautiful.
The part with the Barrow king was amazing, and the song the musicians made up was just as amazing. I’m a fan of stories with some darkness whether psychological or emotional, and my craving was satisfied in this book.
I’m definitely going to be stalking this author from now on.

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