Jeremy’s always looked after his little brother, Callum, and it’s his responsibility to make sure he’s safe. When Callum wanders too far into the woods, and finds himself at the mercy of two wolf shifters, Jeremy’s forced to act quickly.

It’s not ideal waking up in a strange house, with two shifters that scare him more than he’ll admit, but it’s temporary. Or it should be, until Jeremy realises getting rid of the wolves is far easier said than done

Fall Book Cover Fall
Michelle Chow
Less Than Three Press
April 20, 2016


I'll give this book three stars, but only because of Duke and Jeremy's friendship. To be honest, had no idea where this book was going until about 50% in, after that I could predict the story and I wished I couldn't... But not for the reason we both hope.

PLOT: Jeremy is a bobcat (ie he is slightly bigger than a house cat, even though this is mentioned enough times, I pictured Jeremy as a housecat the entire time, it made the book easier to enjoy) he gets into a fight with some wolf shifters where he breaks his legs and has to stay in cat form for a while, during that period falls in love with Sam.

Here's the problem: I had no clue the book was a romantic one much less that it was leading up to Sam and Jeremy's eventual relationship. Their relationship was so forced and impossible to believe or root for.
I honestly thought Jeremy and his longtime friend Duke were going to end up together.
Sam and Jeremy's relationship had no heat/chemistry/spark, it was so unbelievably flat! But Duke and Jeremy's friendship? that's the stuff of great romantic tales, those two had a friendship with enough chemistry to carry out a beautiful relationship. Even in cat form Duke and Jeremy's friendship didn't falter. Duke might be human but his interaction with Jeremy only made me root for them even more.

It was as though they could read each other's mind. Also, this line happened.
"Meow once for yes, and twice for no."

I felt like Jeremy was dating Sam because he was expected too. I mean is this a new trend? Just because a wolf shifter finds you suitable for a mate doesn't mean you should date them. Your feelings matter, and just because your brother is dating a wolf shifter and sees the 'chemistry'between you two doesn't mean you should date him.

CHARACTER: Sam as a character was so flat and impossible to connect to. I hoped the scene where he told Jeremy and Duke about his parents; especially his mother's death would show some softness and vulnerability to his character, I hoped the author would milk the emotional impact for all it's worth, but nope the scene felt flat and rushed. Sam's character was just so-so.

Another thing that pissed me off was the lack of obvious conflicts in the book, the story's concept wasn't completely original but it brought in a new spin on shifter romance, it physically hurt that a book with so much potential failed in execution.

However, one thing about the book had me flipping pages, completely engrossed - Duke and Jeremy's friendship. Duke is amazing and Jeremy's sass is adorable, even as a cat.

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