The village of Styesville has a dragon problem, and is in sore need of a knight in shining armor to solve it for them. Instead, they get a strange traveler in a ragged cloak they barely even notice at first. Worse still, it soon becomes clear the problem setting fire to their village isn’t as simple as a dragon…

The Faerie Godmother's Apprentice Wore Green Book Cover The Faerie Godmother's Apprentice Wore Green
Nicky Kyle
Less Than Three Press
March 23, 2016


It's a nice and unique spin on a popular fairy tale. You know the one where a princess was locked in a tower and the bravest Prince would have to fight for her.

I like how Nicky Kyle thought 'what if the princess was asexual and didn't want true love's kiss but instead said Hell nah! I'm busting out of this joint, summoned a dragon and rather than have the dragon fight the Princes and discover which one is the one  she rode on the damn thing and escaped!

I loved this book, I love the pretty prose and the fact that imagined Dragons are very unrealistic I mean, when we imagine dragons we don't really take into account how the damn thing is able to lift itself and fly.

Seriously, this book is awesome read it!

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