Captain Tam spends his life travelling through space on his beloved ship, the Paradigm Princess, and he likes nothing better than being alone with the horizon. However, when a routine stop on his favourite planet brings an unexpected new crew member, he breaks routine and agrees to take her on board—because if Tam plays this through, the powerful Marquis will owe him a favour. Surely that’s worth a detour.

Dust On The Wing Book Cover Dust On The Wing
Parker Foye
Less Than Three Press
March 16, 2016


I really don't like writing a negative review because it makes me feel like a bully, but considering the fact that it took me two days to read this book despite its length, I had to write this.

God, it physically hurts to read this book. I mean the first page all I saw was Spade, Joker and blah blah blah. Honestly, I felt like I was being fed too much info from the get go. But since it was a free copy from the publisher I decided to persevere. It would be rude not to at least, get half way.
The story itself is interesting,but the characters are flat. I really couldn't picture them or see them come to life. They just felt flat.

I like the experimental nature of the story, I felt like the author was trying something new and while I don’t think he succeeded, it was still worth the try.

One thing I don’t get is what the book is about, seriously I have no idea what the story is about, all I know is that there is some guy who travels around and has a sort-of relationship with a dubious guy who turned out to be royalty. OH, and he calls his ship Princess.

The writing was beautiful, there were some places that grabbed my attention but ultimately it just felt flat, I kept waiting for something to happen and when something happened it just wasn’t exciting enough or emotionally compelling enough to make me care.

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