Can a detective and a policeman find love amidst murder? Heath Barrington is an attractive, clever, big city detective, confident, strong, and crazy about police officer Alan Keyes. Down-to-earth, noble, and naïve, Alan struggles with his desires for Heath versus 1940s America and his guilty conscience.

Heath’s skills of deduction and reasoning are put to the test as he and Alan work together to solve the murder of an eccentric millionaire in his mysterious, isolated estate. They search for clues and uncover long buried secrets of the weekend guests while keeping secrets of their own.

It’s up to Heath to solve the mystery and convince Alan that some secrets aren’t worth keeping, and lust can lead to love.

Death Comes Darkly Book Cover Death Comes Darkly
David S. Pederson
Mystery, Crime, Suspense
Bold Strokes Books
April 1st, 2016


I started reading this and stopped at around 20% as I wasn’t excited about it. I picked it up and started all over again and HOLY CRAP I WAS HOOKED! I'm not that much of a crime fan when it comes to books. I prefer to watch a good crime series, like criminal minds or something similar because some part of me always assumed that a crime book would not be able to show the crime scene without going overboard with descriptions.

In a sense, this is my first crime book, and wow I seriously underestimated crime books.

The suspense and tension were light but no doubt present. I was curious as to who was responsible because there were five people with motive.

This book was more plot driven than character driven even though it was told from a first person POV. One interesting fact about this is that first person POV are usually very personal but this read like it was written from a third person POV. It was almost impersonal. A good strategy if you ask me. I liked this because I didn’t know everything going inside Heath’s head, and I was able to do my own crime solving without cheating.

I love Alan, sweet beautiful Alan that I don’t quite understand. However, I love the way his imagination goes wild and he jumps to the most ridiculous conclusions.

I love Woody also. I mean damn it must suck that Mr. Darkly hated him so much, that when he killed himself and made sure the clues pointed to Woody. That must suck!

There were other characters but Heath, Alan, and Woody were the only ones I was interested in. I almost cried when Heath suspected Woody of Mr. Darkly's murder, and pork face wasn’t helping (that isn’t his real name, but let’s be honest calling him that would be an insult to pigs).

The prose was smooth and light, there was a couple editing errors but it didn’t ruin the story nor were they obvious.

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