Today’s Guest Author the wonderful and talented Sarah Beth James. She is a Writer, Film Critic, Actress, Singer, Media Journalist, Editor/Owner The Pulse Entertainment, (Past) Co-Editor of The Cinemarks. Yup, she’s awesome alright. She’s also incredibly beautiful… I just had to add that.

She released her debut book -Save me on the 26th of January 2016 and she is currently working on her second book – Can’t let you go, which would be out July 2016. Save me is currently free on KU so don’t forget to grab a copy.

save me



Jack is a young gay man with a miserable past. His mother died when he was little, and his father doesn’t really care about him. He went through high school alone apart from his theatre friends, wanting to kill himself. Until he met his childhood sweetheart Stephen and then everything started to go right in his life.

Until they both went to college in New York, planned their wedding and slowly drifted apart. Until Jack found out he was being cheated on, a chokehold relationship full of abuse later, they part. Jack is so heart broken he turns to drink and drugs to survive. In the end finding himself in a gay-hating church being taught that being gay is the only reason he hurts so much.

Will Jack ever find peace?

Someone who loves him for who he is?

Or will he end up faking straight to survive?


The Preacher came back, offered him drink, and allowed him relief in a small bucket before throwing him back inside. In truth he fell inside, his legs couldn’t really support him anymore, too cramped up from days stuck in there. Pins and needles stabbing through his lower body as the blood started flowing as it should again. He felt even dizzier than he had before, near passing out. Perfectly attuned to the higher powers finally.

“Will you let the Lord back in your heart? Will you deny the Devil and his sinful earthly desires? Will you make the move to happiness away from the darkness?”

“Yes,” Jack answered, his voice soft.

“Yes what?” the Preacher asked, his voice harsh.

“I want to be happy, I want to be saved now. To forget all of my sins, to repent. I want to be set free.” he answered dully.

The Preacher smiled, “Finally you are fit to become one of our Elders. Tomorrow you will start a new life with us.” He locked the door, leaving him one final night in that cell.

Jack lay there in the darkness, forgiveness was in his grasp. Soon he could have everything he wanted and needed. A calm and sense of relief flooding his body knowing that this nightmare would soon be over. That his life could soon start again.

There was a rustle at the doorway, the lock started to rattle. Oh how Jack wished that it would stop, he was so tired. Every single time he started to fall asleep the scratching would wake him again. “Go away.” he moaned. It still grew louder. “Just go away I’m fine.” he slurred.

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sarah beth james


I’m 34, a writer from London, UK. I have spent the last two years writing for online film review sites.

I have a background in non-fiction writing, working with Watch This Space film magazine as well as The Cinemarks. I later launched my own entertainment website- The Pulse Entertainment.

I have always written stories since I was a teenager, this year I finally published my first book. Save Me is my first published novel, although I plan to have its sequel Too Many Tears published in 2017. Along with another book called I Can’t Let You Go, an emotional book about a man who finds out he has cancer and only six months left to live.

I am passionate about reading as much as writing, I love fantasy and sci-fi books; as well as crime, and horror. I also sing and act in my spare time.

My favorite music is Adam Lambert and Queen.



Alex discovers he has just six months to live. Before he dies he wants to make sure all those he loves are taken care of, including the girl he has loved since high school, and who loves him in return. 

The problem is she thinks he is gay, because, for all the years of their friendship that’s exactly what he told her

Can Alex face up to being bisexual before it’s too late?

Is there any hope for his future?

How would Lucy cope with life without her best friend by her side?

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