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I’m proud to announce my first ever author feature. Okay, you are probably not as excited about it as I am, but hey, It took me days to get everything ready and I’m going to apologize in advance to the 50+ groups on Facebook and Google plus that the promo posts will be featured in. I hope the Author Highlight posts do not count as spammy, God I hope not!

As you’ve probably guessed, I will be hosting a week long Author highlight from the 9th to 15th of May. The featured author is none other than Laila Ibrahim- Author of Yellow Crocus (over 8k reviews on Amazon). She’ll be discussing her latest Book Living right.

I’ve already read and reviewed Living Right and HOLY FREAKING SHIT it’s good! She’ll be giving out free samples of Living right to everyone, she’ll also be giving out three free copies of Living right, so make sure to enter the giveaway.

I’m not sure how week long Author highlights work but, here’s the schedule for the Author Feature:

  • Monday (hey, that’s today): Introductory post.
  • Tuesday: Book Bio
  • Wednesday: Author Bio
  • Thursday: Interview Questions
  • Friday: Excerpt from Living Right
  • Saturday: Update from A.O. Chika
  • Sunday: Interview Answers + End of Giveaway

Like I mentioned above, this is my first Author Feature and I want to do it right, so the feature will also be posted on 50 Facebook groups and Google plus communities, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr! Don’t worry I won’t clog you with my enthusiasm.

Download Sample Here: download button

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Comment below on what you think, any tips you have for me?

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  1. I might disagree with different things than the reviewer whose review I just read that basically just brought me here, but any insight into this topic is welcome.

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