I seem to have developed the habit of hitting on authors featuring on my blog, hopefully, they don’t mind. On the plus side, I’m an awkward flirt and that’s the best I can do. So let’s welcome the beautiful K. Laché and her amazing smile (I’m suave aren’t I?)

2016-05-06_15.41.17Meet K. Laché:

A third-grade writing project started it. It was the key that unleashed a passion for creating, and telling fantastical stories. K. Laché felt as if she were made to tread the path of authorial conquest and never once looked back. She entered a world where anything could be created. She was hooked.

She has fan fiction to blame (or thank, depending on how you look at it) for introducing her to the world of slash fiction. What’s better than one hot guy in a book? Two hot guys in a book! After an epiphany in college, K. Laché decided to try her hand at getting published. For years she struggled but never gave up. Now she debuts with her first published work, Valor—the first, but sure to be not her last.




There’s a network, underground, working to keep civilians safe. The honored echelons know about it. However, only the elite caucus has the skills necessary to be a part of the agency. No amount of money can gain anyone access—currency only has value because they say it does. This is Vigilance, a secret sect of the CIA. Its agents are the best—masters in their craft.

Rivet Scalzo isn’t any different. He’s second-generation Vigilance, recruited at sixteen years old. When his father dies and Rivet leaves his childhood home, there is no love lost between him and the women in his life. Seven years later, Rivet comes back to his hometown and meets Blare, the man who loved Rivet’s flaws.

Valor is about the strength it takes not only Rivet but also Blare to overcome everyday challenges—and not so everyday challenges. The first in a series following Rivet’s and Blare’s relationship, Valor is the journey of a man trying to believe he is worth another’s love, and the battle of another trying to show him.

It takes valor to support and love those who need it the most and never expected to receive it.


It takes valor to support and love those who need it the most and never expected to receive it.

For Rivet Scalzo, returning to his childhood home after a decade and a half was not on his list of places to go while recuperating. After nearly being blown up on a mission, Rivet is forced to deal with his PTSD and sudden deafness without help from Vigilance, the secret governmental agency he works for. He resigned himself to a lonely recovery, but, perhaps by chance, he meets Blare Chaplynn, a model whose caring nature helps ease the horror of Rivet’s home life. As they grow closer, Rivet is burdened by the secrets he can’t share with the one man he grows to love.

If Blare knew a mild concussion was all he needed to meet the man of his dreams, he would have gladly accepted it long ago. He knew there was something special about Rivet when he first saw him at the park, but never guessed this man of mystery would be hiding so many secrets close to his heart. Blare is forced to confront the fact that Rivet may never tell him everything, but is trust the reason Rivet is so close-lipped or something more?

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