Today’s guest post is by M/M sexual fantasy author Jet Mykles, and yes people sexual fantasy is an actual genre… His 60+ novels can attest to that. And on to his post.

>Reusable Characters

So here was my problem. I created these characters who I love. Deeply. They are people in my mind and I spent a good long time learning them, talking to them, living them. I wrote stories about them, which I published, and I got some very nice feedback. Those characters I loved became beloved by others, which was purely and undeniably awesome. So loved, that these other people asked me for more from my characters. Thus the problem. I’d already written those stories. I’d given the couples their happily ever afters and, because I am a reader as well as an author, I did not want to mess with their happiness. In order to write more, I had to give them conflict, which is what makes a good story. I did not want to give them conflict.

I tried writing other, similar characters. It was fun, but it wasn’t the same. The originals held a significant place in my heart and I think it showed. To compound matters, the darn characters kept talking to me! I’m one of those authors who complains of people in my head, independent of my thought, living in my brain and chattering away at me until I write something about them. Well, these particular characters would not. Shut. Up!

So what was I to do? I started to think of sequel stories. But — see above — that wasn’t working because any hardship I put them through felt wrong and, since it felt wrong, very little progress was made. They kept chattering, I kept trying, it wasn’t working. Frustrating. Until… They changed clothes. Metaphorically and literally, in my head they changed costumes. From t-shirts and jeans to morning suits and cravats. They switched themselves from the universe I’d had them in into one that was completely different. They were the same, fundamentally, but their surroundings were different. Now, that I could work with. That was intriguing. That was fun! We were on a roll!

(By the way, anyone who’s ever read fanfiction won’t find my revelation surprising. It happens all the time. The tweak here was that they were my characters. This gave me full rein to mess around!)

That is how the characters of Heaven Sent were reborn into the world of the Rose Family Chronicles. Johnnie and Tyler lead the way again, their story re-introducing not only them but the world around them. Johnnie’s an earl, Gretchen is his sister and Brent and Reese are his twin brothers. Chris is their butler, Darien shows up as a footman. Tyler gets hired as a footman the becomes a valet, with Owen around to show him the way. Johnnie meets Luc, a wealthy merchant, at a gentleman’s club. The only ones of the original couples who don’t make an appearance are Hell and Archer, but I have plans for them.

I hope readers of the original series find this fun the same way I do. I hope you’ll come with me and see the boys fall in love again.

Valet by Jet Mykles | A.O. Chika

Released May 31, 2016

Pairing: m/m

Available in ebook from Loose Id

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Johnnie and Tyler. Sound familiar? Yep, same characters as Heaven Sent 1: Heaven but in a different setting.


Tyler has never worked for a great house, let alone one with the history and prestige of Rose Hall. He feels unqualified for the post of the footman but hopes his experience as the concierge of a fine hotel might count in his favor.

Following the deaths of his parents, Earl Johnathan “Johnnie” Rose has come into his inheritance. Now he’s returned home to Rose Hall with his siblings to settle in as lord of the manor and earl of Roseton. Then his eye falls on the stunning new footman with the blond curls and a shy smile. From that moment, Lord Johnnie’s intention to settle in takes on a whole new meaning.

Longing for a relationship more intimate than master to servant, and determined to taste those pretty lips, Johnnie offers Tyler a promotion as his personal valet. Thrilled by the promotion and the chance to tend his lord, Tyler’s naivete and sense of propriety don’t let him see the offer for what it is–until he’s lured into the earl’s bed.

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Cover by PL Nunn

Heaven Sent Flings BY Jet MyklesAbout Jet Mykles

Jet is a writer of sexual fantasy with a firm belief that all men are at least partially gay, that vampires are just people with a liquid diet and shapeshifters live on every block.

As far back as junior high, Jet used to write sex stories for friends involving their favorite pop icons of the time. To this day, she hasn’t stopped writing sex, although her knowledge on the subject has vastly improved.

An ardent fan of fantasy and science fiction sagas, Jet prefers to live in a world of imagination where dragons are real, elves are commonplace, vampires are just people with special diets and shape-shifters live next door. In her own mind, she’s the spunky heroine who gets the best of everyone and always attracts the lean, muscular lads. She aids this fantasy with visuals created through her other obsession: 3D graphic art. In this area, as in writing, Jet’s self-taught and thoroughly entranced, and now regularly uses this art to illustrate her stories or her stories to expand upon her art. Only recently, through the wonders of the digital age, has Jet, a self-proclaimed hermit, been able to really share this work with others.

In real life, Jet lives in southern California with her life partner, his daughter and father and too many cats. She has a bachelor’s degree in acting, but her loathing of auditions has kept her out of the limelight. So she turned to computers and currently works in product management for a software company, because even in real life, she can’t help but want to create something out of nothing.

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