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About Jaclyn:

Jaclyn Osborn was born and raised in the state of Arkansas. When not actively writing a new book, she can be found plotting and gaining inspiration for the next story. Writing is her passion and she’s thankful for each day she’s able to live her dream. A firm believer in happy endings and redemption for damaged souls, her boys in her stories mean the world to her, and she’d be lost without them.

All types of genres in the m/m world interest her, in both reading and writing, and she hopes to delve into a few of them in her writing career.

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Interview with A.O. Chika

What was your debut novel?

Michael’s Awakening

What’s one story you’ve written that has stuck with you long after writing it and why?

Dear Adam.

It’s such an important story that reflects what not only young LGBTQ teens go through, but adults as well. I love what one reviewer wrote: “I love how this author brought forth such a hard subject to bear and yet made it a hard story to put down. I just HAD to keep reading and know what was going to happen next!! I highly recommend this story to Young Adults and Adults alike, but fair warning, this is not for the faint of heart, though I do suggest giving this book a read because it will surprise you and make you really think.”

I recently had it made into an audiobook, and I couldn’t be happier with it! My narrator, Brad Rakushin, did a phenomenal job at bringing my characters to life. I’m the one who wrote it, and not even I can listen to it without crying haha that says a lot about Rakushin’s talent.

What made you decide to write LGBTQ stories?

I didn’t really decide to write them; it’s what feels right in my heart. I’m a firm believer in love is love and acceptance. When the characters from Michael’s Awakening came to me, I knew I HAD to write their story. Although I might eventually expand my writing and write a paranormal or historical here and there, I’ll always stick with male/male romance.

What’s your newest released book?

Strength to Forgive (A Cadbury Novel Book 1)

It’s a New Adult book about Aeron, a 19-year-old, who has always taken care of his autistic twin brother, Aidan. Their parents weren’t the best of people, and Aeron had to step up and care for his brother, otherwise no one else would have. Unforeseen events lead to Aeron and Aidan to move in with their half-brother who lives in Cadbury, Oklahoma. Once there, Aeron meets Luke—the owner of the local diner—and sparks fly. But Luke has secrets of his own, and his fear of getting close to someone again creates conflict in their relationship.

So far, I plan for this to be a three book series, with the second book releasing end of summer.

Jaclyn Osborn’s Books

Dear Adam by Jaclyn Osborn A.O. ChikaDear Adam


**WARNING: This story contains suicidal material that may be sensitive to some readers. **

Things weren’t supposed to turn out this way. My story should have been different. Happier. Maybe in another life, it would’ve been. But, life isn’t a fairytale, and the good guys don’t always win.
I didn’t mean to cause anyone pain. I just wanted to end my own. The letter, his words—crushed me. It seemed as if there was no other way out. Nothing can change what happened, and nothing could have prepared me for what came after those two words: Dear Adam.

Goodreads | Amazon Global

Strength to Forgive by Jaclyn Osborn A.O. ChikaStrength to Forgive


After a devastating fire takes their parents, nineteen-year-old Aeron Turner and his autistic twin brother, Aiden, are starting over. Attempting to escape the painful memories and relentless guilt, the twins journey to Cadbury, Oklahoma in hopes that the family they barely know can help keep them together.

Luke Daniels struggles every day with his painful past, just trying to piece his life back together again. Running his diner gives him an escape from the haunting memories, but ghosts never stay buried for long and old wounds leave scars that make it hard to forget.
When a random encounter brings Aeron and Luke together, they must learn to overcome their pasts or be lost in them forever.

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Micheal's Awakening by Jaclyn Osborn A.O. ChikaMicheal’s Awakening


One moment…that’s all it takes for life as you once knew it to change irrevocably. For Michael Kingston, that moment was when he first laid eyes on Gabriel. In his life, Michael had only known darkness, leaving behind a broken shell of a man. Unspeakable memories of his childhood constantly plagued him, causing him to disconnect emotionally from the world. No one had ever shown him love; therefore, he believed that he was unworthy of it. And then everything changed.

Gabriel Greyson had always been different. Growing up in a small Bible-thumping town, his preferences for men, makeup, and fashion made him an outcast. But, with the support and love of his family, he overcame obstacles that were thrown his way and rose above the intolerance. He danced to the beat of his own glammed out drum and refused to believe that he was anything other than ultra-fabulous. Working as a beautician, he had a job he adored and felt that everything was perfect in his life. Everything except for true love.

When these two unlikely men meet, sparks fly. For the first time in Michael’s life, he feels like he can overcome the darkness inside of him. Gabriel gives him hope and slowly brings him out of the shadows, showing him that even the darkest of souls can be redeemed. But there are secrets that Michael keeps locked away. Will Gabriel see past the torments of Michael’s past, or will he turn away from him when he discovers the truth? After all….who could ever love a beast?

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Zack's awakening by Jaclyn Osborn A.O. ChikaZach’s Awakening


Fear. Zack Greyson had never known the true meaning of the word until he suspected he might be gay—which wasn’t an option for the personal trainer and ex-football star. He’s tried to convince himself that his attraction to men is nothing more than just a mere curiosity, but when Jackson Parker walks into his life, that façade comes shattering down.

Jackson Parker is used to rejection because secrets never stay hidden forever. Left slightly broken and with no sense of belonging after his family’s rejection, he’s sought love in all the wrong places before. But meeting Zack, the hazel-eyed jock with killer dimples, Jackson steps out of his comfort zone and fights one last time for the happiness he knows he deserves.

Falling for a supposed straight guy was crazy, but for once, Jackson feels like his luck has changed, and he’s finally found someone who won’t throw him away. However, Zack struggles to discover who he is and who he wants to be. When his fear of coming out drives a wedge between him and Jackson, only one question remains: Which is stronger: love or fear?

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