Today’s Author is the handsome A.J. Raven, I might not be into men but I certainly can ogle at them and believe me I am ogling! 🙂 My inappropriate behavior aside, A.J. also runs The Geekiary blog and I’m happy to say that I’ll be featured on The Geekiary soon!


A.J. RavenAuthor of mystery/paranormal/crime books. I like to read and write stuff on the internet. That is why I’m a content writer at TheGeekiary where I talk about TV shows, comic books, anime, manga, games, and all that awesome stuff. I also have a YouTube channel by the name Aj Raven.

I did my B.Sc (Hons) in Biotechnology and B.A (Hons) in Psychology. I have also completed my M.Phil in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. Also, published a scientific research paper regarding the antimicrobial and wound healing properties of human saliva. Let’s see where academics lead me next.

As of now, I have written seven books in total under the pen name A.J. Raven. These books make up two mystery series. My first published book ‘Arousing the Legacy’ is actually a compilation of four books in the Colville Mystery series. The story features Anya, a female teenager, and her friends trying to survive paranormal occurrences in their small town. I’ve always been a fan of complex female character so; you’ll see a lot of that in my books.

The other mystery series follows a bespectacled boy named Jerry as he tries to cope with high school drama, growing up, and solving crime cases in his town. My recent YA/Mystery “The Escaped Murderer of Somerville” is book three in the Somerville Mysteries series.  I’m currently trying to find the time to write the fifth book in the Colville Mystery series as well as the fourth book in the Somerville Mysteries series. Maybe the two series will have a cross-over in the near future. Stay tuned!


The Escaped Murderer of SomervilleThe Escaped Murderer of Somerville (#3 Somerville Series)


The man who killed an entire family is on the run and eluding authorities after escaping from the Rockfort Asylum. Claiming he has a Master to please, he hunts the curious teen who is determined to find him. In a twisted and bizarre cat and mouse game, Jerry is lured into the forest by the cries of a woman in distress but discovers something much more sinister.


“It was good of you to finally come to me,” he said. A sinister grin was on his face as he stared at me. 

“What do you want from me?” I asked. 

“Just to make sure the deed is done,” James Pritchett smiled at me. 

“What deed are you talking about?” 

“It seems you haven’t been able to figure it out,” he grinned. 

“Figure what out?” I asked. 

“You found my hideout,” he said. He started to step towards me. “You found my notebook. You read my plans.” 

“It was all gibberish to me,” I answered. “Where’s the girl?” I asked him. 

“What girl?” 

“The girl who was screaming for help just now,” I answered. “What did you do to her?” 

“Your mind must be playing tricks on you,” he said. He wouldn’t stop smiling. “No one shouted for help.” 

Forcing my body to listen to what my mind wanted it to do, I ran from him. 

“I love it when they run,” he laughed in mirth.

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Fandom FrontlinesFandom Frontlines: The Effect of Geek Culture on Our everyday Lives


This collection of essays by writers for The Geekiary and the people behind Genre TV For All highlights the importance of fiction and the resulting fandoms in our everyday lives. They explore the good and the bad of TV shows including Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, and more. The essays also touch upon the resulting fandoms and aspects of geek culture such as shippers, cosplayers, and the tight-knit communities that have formed due to a shared love of fiction. Fandom and works of fiction have the ability to empower, but they can just as easily tear people down. We’re fans. We have FEELINGS. We hope you’ll enjoy these essays about them.

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