Laila Ibrahim

Welcome to day four of Laila Ibrahim’s Author highlight. Today’s update will be the Interview Questions Laila would be answering on Sunday.


    1. Was any part of Living Right drawn from personal experience?
    2. Who/what inspired Pastor Jerry?
    3. What chapter was the toughest to write?
    4. What chapter was your favorite?
    5. Who/what inspired Jenn?
    6. Did you plan Maya’s character or was she just a convenient way to show Jenn’s growth?
    7. How much research did you do?
    8. What was the weirdest thing you googled while researching/ planning Living Right?
    9. Yellow Crocus is a hit! Do you anticipate the same for Living Right?
    10. What made you decide to write Living Right from Jenn’s POV rather than Josh’s?
    11. Who character is your favorite and why?
    12. Where there any alternate endings you considered?
    13. What was left out in the final draft?
    14. What challenges did you face in the production of Living Right?
    15. Did you consider publishing Living right with a traditional publisher?
    16. What is your writing process like?
    17. I hear a sequel to Yellow Crocus is in the works, what can we expect?
    18. What drew you to writing?
    19. Is there anyone you would like to say a special thanks to?
    20. Any message you would like to pass to people similar to Josh, Jenn & Pastor Jerry?

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