Immortal Watch by Olivia Helling

Book Blitz: Immortal Watch by Olivia Helling

Title: Immortal Watch Series: Godsbane Prince 2 Author: Olivia Helling Publisher: Self-Published Release Date: Sept 23, 2016 Heat Level: 2 – Fade to Black Sex Pairing: Male/Male Length: 63,000 words Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Horror Add To Goodreads Synopsis Bonded soul mates. Shocking secrets. Protecting the one he loves could destroy everything… Ilyas defeated the Dark […]

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Book Review: Freeing Pain: Annex by Lor Rose

SYNOPSIS: Jude Kash’s life was filled with abused animals and too little sleep. His work at the We Are One Foundation brought him his new devil-dog Teddy Bear and his new obsession: an abused liger named Sampson. Sampson suffered from poor living conditions and threats with a gun. Jude, or Kash to his friends, witnessed […]

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Book Review: Rage by Apollo Blake

SYNOPSIS: With four months to go until she turns twenty and the beginnings of a promising modelling career forming around her, teenage Harpy Myra Evans should be happy. And she would be. . .if she weren’t in mortal danger. As an extremely rare breed of paranormal, Myra’s powers are highly coveted. When powerful beings begin […]

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